Sunday, August 13, 2006

Land of the living

AHHH to be a part of the land of the living... did anyone catch the plates on that bus that ran over me????
I actually do feel better. I can swallow without screaming. I can sit up without praying for death. My neck still looks like I was in some horrid sky diving accident (that is my story and im stickin to it.... sounds so much more interesting than oh they screwed up my neck during surgery doesn't it?Oh well we will have to go with the real deal no matter how boring sorry..) I just ate real food for the first time in a week never thought I would appreciate grilled cheese toast that way. I am certain it won't be long now I will be back at the scrapping world cuz gosh I need to I have projects laughing at me from down the hallway. Deadlines are flying towards me and here I lay..... I will be glad once this is all healed and life can get back to normal. Im tired of REALLY bad television . ITS amazing that we have so many channels and still nothing to watch. As soon as I can stand up without the world spinning out of control and my fever gets back down to normal I can get back to my life. I miss my baby so bad I know she is wondering what is going on and why she cant see her mommy. Who am I kidding she is probably so rotten by now she stinks. she is playing with AUNT BIZ (aunt liz) and following Nana around like a puppy dog. WEll I am going to lay back down and do what I have been doing well, sleep and sweat. LOVIN those hormones huh.