Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of 09 End of 39 WHY DO You have to remind me

Ok so Bella keeps running around here saying "MOMMY HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE THE BIG 4 0 0?" (CRINGE)
THis Has been a huge joke with us.OK THEMMMM (she and he not me) I have to say I do feel closer to 400 than 40 these days. How many times can ONE HAVE SHINGLES ALREADY! GOOD GRACIOUS THERE HAS TO BE A WORLD RECORD AND I THINK I AM THAT RECORD HOLDER! IT is getting to the point of ridiculous.
Christmas did turn out well nonetheless. WE had a lovely little addition to the Jones family. Mom and Dad brought LALA down with them this year and they almost didn't get to take her home with them. We did everything but steal this little dog.
I know she stole our hearts. SHe is just the CUTEST THING EVER.

Here are Bella and Lala snoozin...

THey were some worn out pups after Christmas

SO I was gonna ask you some questions because I know yall just LOVEEEEEE IT when I do that!
What were your biggest challenges of 09 this year?
Have you put them down on paper? Do you plan to?
Why or why not?

ALso this is the time to be thinking about getting all your photos backed up printed off and ready for the new year. I KNOW I KNOW but someone has to bug you and tell you to do it. I figure I will remind yall and then yall can Remind me. We hear way too often about computer crashes and people losing their photos and everything on there. so just bite the bullet and get it over with. Take a weekend and back up those photos! Copy them to an off site storage or copy them all onto disk and put them up! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

I just sent a TON of photos to Wal Greens they have a special goin. (you can use anyone Im not pimping them its just closer to where I live so its who I use and I like their printing)

Maybe my glue is dry now and I can get back to my canvas Im working on
we have a lovely kit this month over at Scrapbook Obsessions. You should go check it out! I will be back to show you what I did with it as soon as Im finished :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

decorating cookies with Mrs Claus

I have been working like crazy getting Christmas presents made. SO I haven't updated my blog or done much else lately. In between all that Bella came down with walking pneumonia. She spent most of a week home from school even missed her school play where she was playing the part of an angel :(
She was very disappointed.

Dr gave her some good stuff though and she feels much better. So as a special treat she did get to go with Mrs. Tara and Brayden to see "The Princess and The Frog" on Friday.

Bella swears it was a date..... John says nugh ughhh! (that is her "boy" by the way has been since she was litttle.) My friend Leslie says it loooked like a date to herrr.
THey are so funny!

So SATURDAY.. ya it continues. I tell you I just love me some Tara. She is too sweet.
She hooked us up with reservations to decorate cookies with Mrs. Claus.
They are good friends with the owner of "Cookies By Design" This is the CUUUUTEST store everrrr! (awesome cookies too) There is still time to do this with your kids if you are in the Mobile area by the way. You have to make reservations. Call themm! Not sure if she is booked up but if she has cancellations CALL HER!!!

It is sooo much fun You will so enjoy it with your kids sooo worth it.

Mrs. Claus also read the children a couple stories and told them all about Santa and how they met and how she came to live at the North Pole. You can see how they were just hanging on her every word.

After that we had the twins, Mandalyn and Sheldon's birthday party that evening to go to. I figured I was already dressed... I know I know... I stayed to the side away from everyone, well, pretty much mainly just there with John, Tara, Beth and Mark. I did go talk to Joanne and her husband for a bit. I hated to get too close around everyone we have done soo good since the last bout of flu (then shingles and all) but I guess it was too late if we were gonna get it. I am just so terrified of those things mainly the shingles. ugh they hurtttt so bad.
I get a cold and I break out in them. anyway sorry for the ramble. Im tired.
IT WAS SO GOOD TO GET OUT. The pictures didnt turn out that good at the birthday party I took. The lighting was really bad in there. (not to mention I was exhausted)
and the kids were all over the place on these blow up jumpin thingssss. hard to hit movin targets.
we had to keep getting Bella to sit downnn! stop! dont get hot! we let her play, we aren't horribly meannn.
So anyway. It was good to get out. But I was/am exhausted. I could barely move when I got up Today. Price ya pay, but, The look in Bella's eyes and how much FUN she had. Oh to hear her telling her daddy all about Mrs. Claus and retell the story of "HOW MRS Claus MET SANTA CLAUS and how they got MARRRIED!!" was just oh so cute.
LOVE IT!! I would NOT trade it for ANYTHING IN THIS WORLD. SO GLAD I GOT TO HAVE that experience. Filing it away in my good memories to remember for when things aren't goin so hot!

We didn't get to go to John's dinner with his co workers that was sad. It was kinda impromptu. A little Christmas per say get together at The Oyster house. But I was so just wiped out I couldn't function. I have not done this much in years. But I am doing so much better right now than I have done in a while. That was alot for me I usually just go to the dr and I have to take a nap. John was exhausted from last week. He will catch up this week though

Ok still got lots to do.
Hope you all have a great week.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

New creations for December..

This months Scrapbook Obsessions kit is SO yummy. BO BUNNY Christmas papers are just full of nostalgic memories. Kaisercrafts album you can decorate with your favorite memories and lots of bling to shine it up with. There are even templates to help you do so. Here are a few things I did so far with the kit:

Click on the photos for a Better look :)

We had a hard time Breaking Bella of her pacifier. We tried to get her to give it to Santa Claus.. didn't happen that year..

This Kaisercraft album included in the kit is just amazingly perfecttt for what I needed to update some of my pictures I had of these field trips Bella Bug has been on. I really went to town with the stickles (not included in the kit) I wanted to shine it up with the shimmer and shine so I really did sparkle it on some extra. HEYYY! ITS CHRISTMAS!

Say Hello to Rudolph BELLA JUST LOVED THIS RUDOLPH SHE SAID IT HADDD TO GO RIGHT HERE!! so that was her contribution to this album. THANK YOU BELLA.

This years photo of Miss Bella bug and Santa.

I STILL have paper left over to do some cards with also so seeee how much you get in these kits! ya! awesome! Hope you guys have a wonderful week it has turned off cold here so its been kinda tough on the ol bones and body. Got lots of scrappin to do though. Hope everyone is doing well :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ahhhh Lifes Simple Pleasures


YES there will be a scrapbook page coming sooon... Im workin on it. We are putting up our Christmas Decorations today and its our wedding Anniversary tomorrow so patience.. But its coming. Hope you have a wonderful Black Friday. If you got out in that... God Be with you. ;)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


This morning while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade My Heart just got so full. You know that feeling you get when you just get your cup full? Some call them the warm fuzzies. I call it getting my cup full. It was close to the end of the parade. I know this because along the parade route and to the amazement of many twinkling eyed children, mine to not be excluded as head "EYE TWINKLER," was the head dude himself all dressed in a GORGEOUS velvet suit of the most beautiful red, with jingly bells attached. He had a real beard of white. NOPE not imitation no sireee omgosh he was THE REAL DEAL. THAT WASSSSSSSSS THEEE ONE AND ONLY. THEEE MAN HIMMMMSELF. SANTAAAAAAAA CLAUS!!

I even felt my heart pitter patter just a bit. I think part of me became 6 again as my eyes misted just a tad watching my little girl stop just frozen in her tracks. Not even blinking, I don't think she could even breathe, Just STAR STRUCK. IT WAS AS IF "DAUGHTRY" HAD LANDED FRONT AND CENTER in our living room and I was front and center listening to "I.m Goin Home" when "SANTA" was speaking. "SHHHHHHHH ITSSSSS HIM ITS HIM THE REAL ONE!!! NOT THE ONE AT THE SCHOOL ! NOT THE ONE AT THE MALL THATS HIMMMMMM!! THE REAL SANTA! LOOOK LOOOOOK!!!"

OMGOSH she was so excited. I have not seen her this pumped about Santa EVER. She just was MESMERIZED. I couldnt help but melt. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT MY FRIENDS. THey say the Christmas spirit is about children. THISSSSSSSS is what I have waited for all my life!!!
To see that twinkle, This sparkle in her little eyes, THis is what I love. I am so glad I didnt miss it. I just do not want to be sick this christmas especially this year. Thats all I want. I want this to be the BEST ONE FOR HER EVER!
I want to keep that sparkle there for her as long as I can forever and ever and keep that 6 year old memory in my heart forever.

We sang Jingle bellls we talked about the fantaaaaaaaaaastic outfit he had on. He had his finger beside his nose. (THAT was the sure give away he was THE REAAAL SANTA YOU KNOW!!) we talked about what a wonderful spirit Santa was. and how we can carry the spirit of giving out every day in our lives and not just at Christmas. YOu know It doesnt have to be material things. we can give a smile. A hug. A thank you. A blessing. most of all we can be a friend. But I wanted to stress to her That we should always give with an open heart. If we have nothing to give we should give of our talent like how we make things sometimes when we can't always afford just to go buy something. (we use everything as teachable moments but you know this is MY LIFE WE ARE TALKIN BOUT PEOPLE IT DONT ALWAYS WORK OUT THAT WAYYYY!!) She just looks at me... she said "SOOOO you sayin Santa is poor too mama?" I just had to stop right there... say go ughmmm chat with daddy for a bit... I need to go check on dinner... shakin my head...
"SHe said santa is really talented he can make tendos and wii's we just make scrapbook stuff.... I said GO PLAY WITH YOUR DADDDDY!!!!"

We had a wonderful day. OMG we have eat soooo much and about to do it again.
GOnna show you some pictureeees.

Tinkerfredisha chillaxin in the dog house...through eatin big Thanksgiving meal.. ready for a nap... me toooooo move over Tink... Im comin to join ya.

You have to be careful when you are at our house TF (we call her TF for short or TINK TINK.. lol) she will jump out of the palms and SCARE 5 years off ya life. so just sayin...

WE did our WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR TONIGHT.... we have been doing this all week.. we have gone through grass trees our house.....

IS THIS not a pitiful face???
he looks like he is about to eat us. He wants to know WHYYYY do you keep putting things on my head?

Hey you reading this... help. they keep putting things on my head.

ok come on... seriously. do I loook like IM enjoying this?? seriously? really now?

Immmmm bout to kick somebodyyyyyyssss tailllllllllllll. You betta leammeea alone betta go on home!!

hmmmph Ima hide out here in my house. I need me some claws yeah thats what it is. its a conspiracy. I dont see them puttin a hat on that blame cat tinker fred (isha) or whatever that thing is. noooo but here that short person alllllllways comes after me. Yeah i do have to say she doesnt jump with me on the hop ball or swing me on the swing set or.. baptize me in the water dish (hahhaah she got yo butt tink tink hahaha that was a good one suckaaa) claws yup they would leave me alone if I had claws.

I asked Bella all this week different things she was thankful for... it has changed so many times from trees to different material items to people to shoes today was the kicker and it also yet again has with out a doubt shown she is yet my child.

it was cool whip.....

in the can no doubt! :)

Hope you had a wonderful TG

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are so grateful to all of the angels in our life. Our friends our family, everyone that gives us prayers, support and the love to help us through each day. You never know what you mean to us. ALL OF YOU. Thank you so very much I know we don't say it enough and I don't tell you enough how Grateful we are for you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

It is beginning to look alot like...

Oh but first... Yesterday Was my sweet hubbys birthday and so I wont make yall just all start hurling I wont post all the sappy sweet just pathetically vile sweet things i put in his mini album I made but I did get a few marriage proposals when folks started looking at it hahahahahahaha seriously. hahaha it was gooood. I picked out all these poems and pretty words. soo beautiful.

I will show yall the cover and stuff though. I just did a pretty quote book and just let him know how proud I was he was my husband, I dont tell him often enough how thankful I am for him.

at Scrapbook Obsessions The kits are goin out. I got mine yesterday HOLY MOLY.

yall cant miss this one!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here are a few latest projects

I have been working on..
It was my mother in laws birthday I finished this mini album I have been working on for her. I just love making things for her. She gets so excited. I love to see her face. She really loves getting them. IT truly makes it worth it to me. THAT is why I scrapbook....

On the last page Bella wrote her own note to Nana I will have to upload it tomorrow it is gettin late and Im tired. But I will show it to ya. I have some other photos also.

To put on that I have to find.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turn a charger into a memory of art...

I used the November Kit from Scrapbook Obsessions. It features the Moravia line by SEI. CAN I JUST TELL YOU looking at this line only you are missing out. YOU HAVE TO TOUCH IT. it has so much FLOCKING and FOIL it is amazing. the embossing and FLock work it beyond gorgeous. I had a hard hard time cutting this paper.

Here is a close up (sorry the lighting is terrible we have had the storms so just no good light to take the pictures)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

just a quickie

yes we are fine... Ida broke apart and became a Tropical storm. It is still kinda windy. Bella is Out of school till Thursday. John is having to go to work some to fix stuff. That wind damage has messed up but other than that no problems. power surges a few times lots of rain. The gulf was too cold for it to do alot. It was really freaky to have one in November. I want a news paper to put in Bellas scrap book hahaha. (hey always thinking lol.)John is gonna stop and get one. Guido and Tinker fred(isha) looked at the back yard this morning and went "tsk tsk tsk we are not responsible for thisssssssss" aLso we heard from Martin (who works with John) who lives on the beach in Pensacola they just got rain and a little wind power didn't go out. He had to go pick up his cousin in Ft Walton as it was coming ashore. He literally was driving through it so wasn't too bad. So We are happy he is ok and his family. I know our family all know who Martin is and think the world of them and would be concerned. Im just very glad this was not AUGUST. It could have been very bad lookin' at the direction and how this storm went.(I had 11 voice mails but I had slept alot the day before and yesterday I guess the barometric pressure and my joints hurting so I apologize If I have not returned all calls yet but I promise everything is fine I know it is scary when Mobile makes national News and it shows our little subarea but I promise. (MOTHER) we are fine!!!! love you all)
So thank the lord it was November.

Now back to our regularly scheduled scrapbooking.

Saturday, November 07, 2009


hallelujah. It got scary there for a bit.SOrry so long no post. I got your emails.I had that bad virus, then bronchitis and sinusitis. I have had no voice then squaky voice then deep voice then the scary voice then reverse start over.(I know my brother is sorry he missed that part huh bro?) Then got shingles down in my ears (still got some in there they will not go awayy!) and it got behind my ear tube things down my neck shoulders back, Fronttt, sides even on my feet so this was more like chieken pox (considered zoster/shingles) I have one on the corner out of my eye I am still watching and inside my ear that has my hearing messed up it is either too loud or I cant hear nothin'.
What is new today that is really REALLY SCARY my outer 3 fingers on my right hand we hope shingles is what has it acting funny. It is more of a strength thing it comes and goes. But hurts all time. I went to pick up the tub of butter and it splattered all over the floor, I was trying to cut out a flower with the scissors and well lets just say.. it aint purty. hope it is just those shingles healing on that nerve and not the MS. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK ON THOSE HUGE DOSES OF STEROIDS (remember michelin man meets cabbage patch girl meets marshmallow woman?) AND I REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLLY REALLY REALLY severely seriously really DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK IN THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW or ever. so Im learning to use scissors using other fingers right now and getting help but also just trying to distract. 90 percent of my life is about distraction. THAT is alot of why I go to the scrapchats and other chats well i did anyway and why I scrap well one of the reasons.

Bella has had a great time at fall festivals and Halloween and at the carnival and the field trips. I have a ton of photos I just dont have them all uploaded. I need to get them off my camera to scrap. (note t o self...up load p ictures.... ok had to write that down AGAIN)
I do have one project done for Scrapbook Obsessions. IMA GONE SHOW YOU!!!! YAY!
I feel soooooooooooooo much better. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I just started working with the NOV KIT. I have been itching to I stayed in contact with them letting them know what was going on. Poor bosslady she had kidney stones I had .... well. EVERYTHING ELSE. we were just not fit for nothin.

THIS KIT , IT IS GORGEOUS I LOVE SEI they have always been a fav company of mine. SO MUCH that I used one of their lines to paint my scrap room after. (winnies walls) This month we have the MORAVIA line in our kit and oh my word I wish you all could just touch this paper. I had the hardest time cutting it. John kept going OWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwww when I would say anything and asked Does it bleeeed? because I just would sit and run my hands over it. it feels like velvet. it is flocked paper and also some has foil inlayed on it. OMGOSH IT IS GORGEOUS! I love love love it.

November 2009 Kit Contents
SEI Moravia Double Sided Patterned Papers & Cardstocks
SEI Ink Blocks (2)
Maya Road Mini 2-Ring Scallop Layer Book
Making Memories Gem Pin Findings
Little Yellow Bicycle Fresh Verse Cardstock Stickers
Little Yellow Bicycle Alphas & Numbers Cardstock Stickers
Little Yellow Bicycle Chipboard Frames
Order TODAY!

This is what I did with the kit:


Really was fun to do this. I am working on another altered project with this as I can. You dont realize how much you use those three fingers. (this just really started this morning pretty much with the butter thank god we had another tub of it and the floor needed mopping anyway) IT was just the point of the matter. I am scared to call the dr at this point you know... its what next? you know they say you start fallin apart at 40. I think it started long time ago with me. This hit ridiculous long time ago.

Shout out to my pal Becca! Thank you for happy you made me smile. Totally shocked me. I was sitting here looking at these hallmark books online like are on the commercial. And I was dreaming on their website looking at the ornaments they have some of the cutest ones that are ridiculous expensive. OmG THE DOORBELL RINGS and it was like a buzzer hit my finger telling me do not look at that. Scared me and shocked me at the same time. was kinda funny. Was the mail man bringing your happy.

ANYWAY THANK YOU GIRL! Bella said IT NEEDS BLING ON IT MAMA! I see dots on it... it needs bling hahahha. I thought ya would get a kick out of that.... I will leave you all with this Bella story:

Yall know we recently discovered that Tinkerfred is ughmmm.. how do I say this gently. TINKERFRED ISHA....but is ok... it wont matter soon enough. IT will be IT and wont matter.
so Bella is in the back yard and I hear "EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! ughhhhh! grosss! UGHHH!" She comes ruuuuuuuunnnnnin' into the house "Daddddddeeeeeeeehhhhhheeeeyyyyyyah! I AM FAREAKIN! OUwTAH (she always starts to talk like a full gospel, southern baptist, pullpit beatin'. preacher when she freaks out screamin)"TINKER FRED HAS A RATTTTTTT AND IT IS DEAD AND IT IS GROSS AND YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU NEED TO COME GET IT!" :: blink blink:: "OH YEAH please::blink::blink:: (cuz that is what daddys do they kill gross things that need to be dead and remove things that are dead and gross. ITS TRUEEEE LOOK IT UP!It is in the manual.

John is just screaming he is laughing so hard, her face is just ash white. He waits till after her "FAAAAREEEEAAAAKAAAUGH out " is ovah then comes and tells me. HAHAA.

GLAD I DIDNT SEE the meeces errr... mice... meece. mooce.rat.

ID have helped her testify to fareaakin out played the organ and passed the plate.

Hope you have a lovely Saturday gonna get Bella bug to help me cut some stuffs so I can finish what Ima workin on. what are you doin today? somethin fun? Hope everyone is staying well. I would hug you but.... ill just wave how about that? ::wink::

Friday, October 16, 2009

a few more cards for the fall festival....

Here are a few more photos of cards I made for the fall festival.

We had a cold front come through today that has left me with scratchy yuck throat and weird ears. I hope it is just sinusy stuff. But I think Im gonna turn in early.
John made us some yummy warm chilly tonight was really good. Supposed to get cold down in the 40's (THAT IS COLD FOR US DOWN HERE IN MOBILE) I know alot of you all are having snow up north. We just get sand down here haha.

Tomorrow is the Fall Festival. With all this flu going around and my immune system. I won't be going. Nor to the BIG Field trip on Monday. Bella is NOT Happy. We have been having major problems and melt downs for a while now...but this week oh boy....
She had a complete melt down on Thursday. She watched a video from when she was a baby (I didn't realize she was watching it) she came running into where I was making cards at just crying her eyes out. I went down on my knees grabbing her pushing her hair back from her face looking to see what was wrong was she hurt? Injured? who did it!!! WHERE are they?!! Because those were very big tears for such a little girl. I knew something dreadful had to be going on with my sweet girl for such emotions to be flowing! "MOMMY! WHY CAN'T IT BE LIKE IT WAS AGAIN? BACK WHEN YOU WERE NOT SICK?" OH MY WORD!!a blade went through my very core and ripped my soul out. I wanted that too so very bad. Something I prayed for daily for since all this started. "OH Baby come here"
I just grabbed her and the tears just came out of me like crazy. I just held her and sobbed. THe one thing I wished I could give that child more than anything in this world. BUT the one thing I cant give her.... A cure for Multiple Sclerosis. It is so hard on our babies. The things that disease takes away. They don't understand and it is so difficult for them to understand that going out into the public can cause great harm and our regime we have to follow is very important. Can make me very sick. She is very protective.

we have had these shingles and staph infections so many times. But to look into that sweet face and hear those words and see those tears. is more than a mother can bear sometimes. So If you would tomorrow and this weekend and Monday. Say a little prayer for my baby girl. and when my kids mom isn't there . DON'T JUDGE and don't hate.. I know this mother would give everything in this world to be at every single function on the front row center watching her baby girl have the time of her life.
It IS the little things in life that are so precious that so many take for granted!

go hug your babies...