Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She'ss Baaaaack...

Boy is she back. Bella is back at home in all her little glory. WIDE OPEN. She has been jabbering up a storm all the fun stuff she did while she was at aunt Liz's. SHe has a new friend named Katelynn and they played and played. Liz sent photos too, I will share a few that are my favorite.

These are her NEW FRIEND KATELYNN and CONNOR that she played with while at Aunt Liz's.

She got to ride for the first time on a go cart. They said at first she didnt like it but then after Greyson got her to get back on it, they couldn't get her to get off of it. haha.

She went to the Museum and a petting zoo at the Ag. Museum. The boys had a boy scout camp and she got to go to the day camp while they were there with aunt Liz.

SHE LOVED the train displays. SHe was telling me about it and I wish you could have heard her. She was all excited and said the peeples were teeeeeeny tiiiny and they had a town and houses too. (eyes real wide) was sooo cute!!

They did crafts too. She made her hat she has on and they made playdough. She was making something with it in this photo.
I'm not gonna upload all the pictures I don't want to bore yall to tears haha.
You get the gest of it though that she had a FABBBBULLLOUS time.
SHe is ready to go back.
We told her in 2 weeks (almost 3 really) when Mommy goes to UAB she will get to go back there. She is all excited. She can play with Katelynn and Connor and oh yeah see the boys and Aunt Liz and Uncle Ty and Nana and Papa.
She has been jabbering nonstop since she got home. WIDE OPEN.
It is gonna take a few days for her to settle back down to our life. yes... Our boring life. Hopefully, Eva will be home or Braydan will want to play (she said she missed her "boy" so she can play later today.
She slept 12 hours last night so whatever it was they did.. she was TIRED!! haha