Tuesday, April 03, 2007


WE HAD SOOOOOOOOO MUCH fun today at our playgroups Easter Egg hunt. IT was a gorgeous BUT HOT day here. we actually got a little sunburned I KNOW before you fuss at me though i did have on sunscreen I just am THAT not able to be out in it with the meds. IT willb e fine im sure.
The kids were so excited and wanting to hunt eggs like RIGHT NOW. SO ANnette hid them all and lined them up. THey were REARING TO GO.

THEN we had cupcakes

Bella, Kenzie and Abby LOVED feeding the ducks and Seagulls.

THIS ONE CRAZYYYY duck Bella was throwing crackers to, Kept just quacking at her and following her. WEll she threw a cracker to it and it landed between its feet. The crazy bird coulndt find it cuz of where it landed and kept quacking and quacking. THEN this seagull SWOOOPED down and snatched up the cracker from BETWEEN the ducks feet OMGOSH the scrap was ON! Bella TOOOOK off running (so did I) then we started laughing cuz that duck was so fat it couldnt see the cracker.

Everyone picks at me because when I am out anywhere at an event or just out taking photos. I take SOOO MANY I mean up to 200 to 300 shots sometimes. BUt any of you that take photos or scrapbook know YOu take a lot Looking for THAT SHOT. You know the one. THe one that makes you always smile when you see it. The one you CANNOT WAIT to print and scrap. WEll here is one of those photos. I LOVE this one with the lake and the ducks and her expression is just so Bella.

Here are a couple more that I just liked of her playing today at the park where we hunted the eggs. This picture just screams theme of the day to me. HAPPY. HOW can anyone not smile looking at this photo with the bright colors and that sweet smile. YES IT makes me forget how bad she can be when I see this cutie face right here.

WE had a beautiful day today and had such a great time.

Bella has really started coming out of her shell at playgroup, she was so excited to see katie Ann, Abby and Kenzie there today. She has been around them a little more so she will play when they are there. She missed seeing Kellery and Cannon today. She asked about them all the way home.

THis shows just how much Bella loves Kenzie. She just smiles and smiles whenever she sees her. IS kensie not the cutest thing ever with that hair. (her mama is gonna schmak me for putting that on there but gosh that is so cute) They were having so much fun.
HOPE you had a fun Tuesday also. NOW I am off to scrap some of these pictures hehehe