Monday, July 14, 2008


SO I started my Rebif therapy. This is a photo of the auto injector that makes giving the shots easier. AND IT DOES REALLY. It has taught me alot, mainly how looks can be deceiving. Cuz this thing looks kinda cool but OMG the stuff that is inside it.... not so cool!
I want to meet the man who wrote the side effect journal for this medication and kick him hard in the nuts and say OH! IT WILL PASS.
My body has never shook so hard, even at a rock concert has it not shook this hard. The chills were overwhelming and tired like you have never experienced tired in your life. The flu is not a good way to describe it. THe headache the chills the fatigue. I PRAY this does pass. I did get in touch with a good friend that has been on this rebif therapy for 3 years now and she says it gets better. (THANK YOU GOD) cuz I cannot do this for the rest of my life. THe body is an amazing thing it will adjust and adapt to most anything. THIS WAS JUST THE SMALL DOSE! the 8.8 dose. I cant imagine the 44.0 dose. She told me to get Naproxen that it is stronger or either just take more of the aleeve, that one, aint gonna cut it. TO take the med at bed time so you sleep through most of the bad stuff. HOW DO YOU SLEEP? YOUR BODY IS SHAKING SO DANG HARD NO ONE CAN SLEEP!!@!
IT will get better it will. I keep saying that over and over it will get better.
I didnt expect the nausea and the overwhelming tired. I literally have slept since I took the first injection on Friday. I was ok at first and thougth this aint too bad If this is as bad as it gets I can handle this no probbbbllleeemmm, then, omg the aleeve wore off or the meds kicked in or the little rebijector thing came and kicked me in the stomach I guess. cuz the shaking started. The Fever, The nausea, the omg what have I done feeling.
BUT good news is all the bad stuff, IT is starting to wear off now and I feel a little better still just tired. THE GOOD NEWS IS.... I get to take another shot tonight and do it all over again.. hurrah!

Bella is going to Vacation Bible School this week.. which is kinda good so I can sleep in and she isnt here until later in the afternoon. Poor baby. I feel like a horrible mom some days especially like now when I wanna go and be at VBS and help them do stuff but there is just no way I can physically stand up for more than 2 minutes better yet be around 60 screamin kids...
Maybe by the time school starts it will be better and I can help do stuff then.