Monday, August 06, 2007


Do you ever get so caught up in deadlines and daily grind that you don't get those pages you just wanna have fun and scrap done? I have been so LAST NIGHT I sat down and just scrapped. Not with anything that I HAD to scrap just some photos I WANTED to scrap. I loved these photos of Bella racing to see the ICE cream man. I know it is a moment I wont forget. WE never had ice cream trucks that came around growing up. I guess mainly because we lived 2 miles south on the left of no where. We were so impressed when we moved here that we could order pizza (NO we didn't make him pose for a photo actually hmmm that is a thought hehe) but I was surprised they had ice cream trucks. I guess living in the sticks all my life I had never seen such. Well anyway Here is to you and I HOPE you sit down and just scrap for the fun of it.
I go to the dentist tomorrow step one of the dental reconstruction so.. I guess I will be happy to see that ice cream truck more often haha at least till its over.