Monday, September 27, 2010

What have we been up too???

OH man.. we have been busy people. If you have seen on Facebook we have been doing way too much for my taste lately. Although FINALLY it feels after almost what.. 6 years we LIVE here????

We never REALLY decorated our home much and "made it ours" NOT LIKE I did our home in Mississippi. That house we did OUR WAY. I always kinda felt this house was done by the people that lived here before us. We just kinda stuck our stuff in it and went on. Bella kept all of her play things in the living room where I could see her and lay on the couch when I felt bad.
I am doing alot better now and she is older. Now, I WANT all that stuff OUT haha. INTO HER ROOM! I want our family room back.
We are still "work in progress" on this one. although, NOW finally it feels like we are digging out and able to do more. We FINALLY are able to do some things on this home and "MAKE IT MORE OURS" THE JONES home. It looks more like WE live here. Like it is OURS. You can look at it now and say ahh ya I can see that that would be Yall's house. Not that you couldn't before, but (ok ok I HATEDDDDDDDDD that carpet absolutely detested!!! With everybit of passion in my body and you know I do NOT LIKE that word at all!) I will be so happy when we can RIPPPPPP the rest of it out.
wow. I said it. That felt SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD! wheww that was great therapy.

So we (again we being John) did the floor now he is painting the trim in the living room. I can't do the fumes. They set me off something fierce.

Here is Before when John pulled up the carpet, and There is OL' Blue...

We had purchased the furniture ON MAJORRRRRRRRR sale Labor day and it came in.
We are still work in progress. (IT TAKES TIME)

Dude did everything but offer us his next grandchild to buy that rug. He kept discounting it and discounting it and discounting it.... (hated to tell him IT WOULDN'T FIT IN OUR CAR)

John did a BEAUTIFUL JOB on the floor. Im so proud. He never ceases to amaze me at what all he can do.

Soooo, We have THIS BIGGGG Garage sale this next weekend. ALOT of families in our neighborhood will be participating. Sooo We have been cleaning out, going through stuff. Digging and sorting.
We have been wanting to do one (we really need to BAD, I still have things from when Bella was a baby.. SERIOUSLY!) SO MUCH I Need to get rid of. AMAZING HOW MUCH stuff You have when you don't have a regular garage sale yearly. (We used to do this all the time)
This is the first year I have felt good enough to do anything. I used to consign alot but The last couple of years I have actually been in the hospital or have not been in good enough shape to fool with it.

So THIS weekend SATURDAY its on. we have been attacking this house. have been so far for the last several days. IT looks like it too hahahahaa.
Bella has her plan also. A cooler with drinks out front!
So if your in the area lookin' for good deals stop by. You can email me for more information.

NOW.... to get rid of the HORRIFIC wall paper in the bathroooms....... hmmmmm.... hahahhaa! Yes I think he has created a monster. HEHEHE!