Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday ... is a good day.

I have an article published in's magazine on how to alter a pumpkin. It is a fun little project to do with kids as young as 2!! Check it out and show me your punkins :)

I hope to get to go to the pumpkin patch this week with Bella bug and take some photos. They have a big stand set up at the church so cute! The 30th we will be going to the BIG corn maze and pumpkin patch with her class at school. I know she is going to have lots of fun. I can't wait I hope I am able to go!
The weekend before that is the Fall Festival. Everyone is gearing up and getting ready. Bella's class is in charge of the Fishing booth and for the Auburn and ALabama gift baskets to auction. I am going to make some thing to go in them. I dont have any Bama stuff but I DO Have some Auburn papers I can use for altering.
I might make a notebook and some cards or something to go in there.

I scrapped again last night. I scrapped the photo of Bella I took yesterday.

I love these photos. WHY IS IT anytime I take photos of her THAT TONGUE has to be sticking out! In every photo shoot I have at least one of her sticking out her tongue and monkey shining... she is soooo my kid!!!!

I put some Doodlebug Sugar crystals on these letters to make them BLING out.

I added red bling dots to the flower also, and added pop foam dots behind them to lift it up for dimension.

I actually feel pretty decent today. YEAH I KNOW. I was shocked too. I was scared I was dead when I woke up and I wasn't nauseaus and hurting! So it is getting easier finally. They told me around October November I should start getting used to the medication and it get easier. NOW to just get rid of the blame shingles... that is another story. I think they are about gone but scared to say it in fear they will come back worse! I don't take a shot on Sunday nights so I get like a day off. SO ussually I don't feel AS crummy on Mondays. Hard to imagine getting used to this but Oh well We adapt! It could BE SOOOO MUCH WORSE!

I was getting some things ready to mail and forgot that it was Columbus day and the mail doesn't run today. Some kids are out of school today but we are in (I think because we missed some during Hurricane Gustav)

Well I need to get up and go clean something while I feel decent. Take advantage of Feeling better haha. I really really need to go to the school and take some pictures with Bella and her teacher. I just hate to do that to her without planning in advance. (Don't want to get in teachers way) Is hard for me to plan anything though.

Well Im out of here! TOODLES!