Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Three bugs loved Bella.

Bella made the Three Bugs in a Rug Newletter whehew. Here is the link TOP Of page 3! IM stalking the mailman for my goody box they said it is on its way YIPEEEEEE!
We have all been Illin' the sinus coughing sneezing crapp. Hope this goes away SOOOON! Gotta get back to work. Got alot of catchin' up to do.

Over heard while Bella was taking a bath: I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO the Flag, and by his hands we were kids, Thank you lord for daily Beds. IN Jesus name AMEN.

One little two little three little idiots, four little five little six little idiots seben little eight little nine little idiots TEn little idiot BOYSSSSSSSSSSS but not Brayden he is my friend.

Hope you all have a great day.