Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ahhh Reminiscing the good old days

Watching Paula Dean cook good ol country style veggies and watching people garden makes me home sick. I know to some this just sounds BIZARRE. IF you saw how we grew up you would probably slap me right now and say GIRL RUN! You have it better. But sometimes looking back you wonder.

The innocence today of Bella being SOOOOO upset when she came home with an ICE CREAM STICKY BOOK BAG. (she insisted on saving her ice cream she got at lunch for her afternoon break and stuck it in her book bag. ( yeah I had to sneak off to the back and laugh so she wouldn't see me) WHAT? I comforted her. I held her so tight while she shed the great big crocodile tears. I KNOW HOW tenderhearted this child is. We rescued what we could of what was left but, she learned her lesson. Bless its heart. I felt so bad. but That was funny. This kid brings me so much joy. Totally cracks me up!

We had some ice cream in the freezer but "it just not that same mama" SO I will have to send daddy to the store if she will do really good studying today. That face it was just so pitiful. I felt so bad for her.

I thought we talked about Ice and melting.. and Alabama and heat... she musta missed that conversation too somewhere along with Tinker~Fred and girls not liking tomatoes or soemthing.
Anyway. If your bored. or just glutten for punishment. You can go back and read this OLD POST of days gone by.
YES I KNOW its not July 4th. But it does talk about some of my old family memories growing up of the HUGEEEEEEE family reunions. Has some old distorted photos that will make your eyes fall out trying to see too :)