Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July!

I hope everyone HAD A VERY HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. This year was really again, different for me. I guess I say ME. Because IM USED to the big 4th Of July family reunions at My aunt and Uncles house. John didn't grow up with this so he doesn't "get it" It is not as important to him and kinda a headache to do a big family thing for him. With my health these days.. I kinda have to agree.
Bella has been sick with Strep and then last minute came home. so We didnt have anyone here for the 4th but just us. It was nice and quiet, ahhh relaxing,
but I couldnt help but think of the years gone by, how fun it was having the entire big family reunion. (it wasn't at our house though thank you Jesus!) My nerves aren't great with those things anymore either.
I can remember growing up everyone would gather at my grandma's house. Her house wasn't a mansion to say the least. It started as a very small little house and as more kids came more rooms were added with whatever materials they could find. Over the years that left some spots where one could admire the stars from bed, or if something was under the house under ya feet. It was comfortable though. It was full of love and always had a crew of folks there. AND ALWAYS SOME GOOD EATIN!
THey would put a big pot of something... on the front porch.. ussually fried catfish or something. The menfolk would sit out there and lie and tell tales I mean they would tell stories about the good old days. WHo had what and was doing this that or whatever. Im sure there were a few beers in that cooler behind the chair but DONT LET MY GRANDMAMA see it!

After Granmama died it moved up to Uncle Tom's house. Everyone would meet and we would go behind their house under the pecan trees. There was a whole slew of us.
Some years in excess of 60. We always wondered how we all fit in that house of Grandmamas but we always did.
Slowly family members either moved away, some passed on. Some married and had other things they did on that day and the numbers dwindled.
John and I moved away 4 years ago and havn't been to one since, MAINLY, because of my health and because ussually he has to work the next day (this is first time in those 4 years it has fallen on a weekend). This year was no different. I just am not up to riding that far in this heat. Birmingham almost killed me riding that far. I was in bed for several days afterwards. Also gas prices... ughmm yeah. Medical bills right now have to take a preference. The family SAYS they understand. Yall know me and my sentiments that they are gonna HAVE TO understand.
Mama and Kasi and her husband were going to come here, but, Bella had strep and didnt come home till the last minute, so we kept changing plans till we just decided to just hang loose this year.
I miss those family reunions from WAY BACK IN THE DAY. BACK when Uncle Earl and Daddy were alive.When Aunt Auglalia (just call her aunt Pauline we couldnt ever pronounce it right either) would come to Mississippi from florida with her kids. OH I loved it when they all were there. LET ME TELL YA those three didnt pull no punches. THey didnt let any family drama take place cuz they would tell ya RIGHT QUICK TO SHUT THE HELL UP YOUR ACTING STUPID. Man I miss them so much. LIfe has not been the same since they passed on. AND...It just isn't as effective when I say it. Although I say it about with the same distinction they did.. I should have paid a little more attention I guess.
I miss those big cookins' and eatins' we did back then.
How the kids would "go play" and they better not see you back till they called ya. Everyone talks about global warming well let me tell ya, July 4th In rural Rankin County Mississippi IT GOT HOT!!! PLENTY HOT! Didn't matter, we were kids we didn't care.
We would play "king of the pond" and "who could catch Peanut" (the horse, he was meannn he didnt like to be caught that much) we played "chase" and whatever else we could think of to occupy us till it was time to eat. When it got dusk we caught Lightenin bugs in jars and dared each other to walk back to the old barn to see who was the most brave... or stupid for that matter. THERE WAS BATS IN THAT BARN I SWEAR IT TO THIS DAY.
Now.. all that is gone. Those days are over. I hate I cannot give that to my kid. The days are so different now and it is harder to get people together. When you do it is more hurried and rushed. The kids are all up in the house in the a/c playing video games (hey can you blame em its hot out there!!! I would be too)
SO different today.
BUT, The whole family reunion thing is nice... but we all should be grateful we had those days. Thank those forefathers that kicked butt for our freedom, We could be speakin some other language that was alot of vowels and complaining about having to get up and work in the textile factory getting beat instead of having our own business or being able to do AS WE PLEASE In this great ol US of A! SO now we have the right to miss our familys or complain about the one we have. ALL because those dudes fought for those freedoms we have now.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful 4th.


Lynn said...

God bless you and your family. what a great memory. rock on chickie!

Gabrielle said...

Great memories! Love the LO!

Happy 4th weekend!

Colette Bate said...

No kidding, girl. I miss the old days, too ... and my 'people' who aren't here anymore.

We moved a lot when I was a kid .. and although I don't have the strong memories, like you, of those 4th of July family reunions, I do remember the times when everyone DID get together. The kids did have to 'go play' ... hehehe ... and you're so right! Don't EVEN come back until it's time to eat! hahahaha Now-a-days the kids are such a huge part of our get-togethers! We don't EXILE them while we 'chat n' drink' like the elders did to us when I was a kid.

But, I sometimes think that the kids are missing out on the fun stuff we used to do ... hide n' seek, chase, follow the leader, climbin' trees and playing in the irrigation water,decorating our bicycles for an impromptu parade in front of the house ... stuff like that. We always managed to keep ourselves entertained and I have great memories from those days.

Today's kids are going to have their own great memories, too! Playin' Wii, watchin' the movie in the backyard while playing in the swimming pool, everyone gettin' together for the traditional family food and fixin's! I see that as my job as a grandma ... to make those memories special for the little girls!

I hope the melancholy, Bella's strep throat, and your wish to 're-live' those olden days didn't ruin your holiday weekend. Sometimes the BEST memories are made when we are just enjoying being together.

Big hugs, girl ... and a wink to those we miss who are up above watching over us ... with love.

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

Hey gal. just stoppin in to check up on ya and let you know I luv your gutz!!!! Your layouts are awesome that you have added and I always love hearing about your past stories.. you are a fantastic journal keeper too!!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Your good old days sound absolutely devine. Too bad not more families are like this!

Hope you feel better soon!