Wednesday, July 02, 2008

grrrrrr MEDIA"CON"

YEAH yeah yeah I know this post is late in the day getting out. just CONTACT MEDIA"CON" about that, that would be our cable and internet provider. CHRIS in customer service is one of my new found friends. LORD KNOWS I was on the phone with every customer service rep up there tryin to figure out what exactly the reason we had no internet or television at exactly 6:05 when the sun was shinin' and there were blue skies.
All I could get as an answer was "outages happen" hmm wonder what they would think if that was the reason you didn't pay the bill? well I had an outage in my check book as in its outage of money... sorry we will get to you as soon as a technician can put some money in the account... yeah right. THAT WOULD GO OVER. Not ONLY I was upset but several neighbors that were having the same issues and getting the same answers from the loverly customer no service reps. grrrrrr. FINALLY I demanded SOMEONE who was a supervisor of I didnt care what department.. did they have a vehicle that they could go get someone to fix it? so CHRIS came to the phone. I asked his name because I figured we would be friends because I was gonna keep calling him because I didn't have anything else to do, I couldn't work because.... MY INTERNET WASN'T WORKING!!!! He thought that was pretty funny but soon learned I was serious. Bless his heart I have to tip his hat for the patience he had. He told me of some of the calls he was getting from some VERY IRATE individuals (a stockbroker that worked online, and several online business') I advised him that hmmm that might clue em in that THEY HAVE A PROBLEM! ALthough he was in SOMEWHEREVILLE USA and couldnt really do nuttin. HE DID TRY REALLY HARD.... BUT, We are sooo fiddna go to DSL!!! .. RANT OVER....

SO ANYWAY.. I scrapped while we had no cable or internet.. heck not much ya can do. Sit here and stare at each other. John played video games. I scrapped lol. was a funfilled night at the Jones residence. This is the kit I showed you from Scrapbook Obsessions. HOW ADORABLE IS IT!?!! GCD studios papers omgosh if you have not used these... they feel like wall paper sorta. I dunno they are not papery feeling if that makes sense. I LOVE LOVE THEM! THey are now on top of my list of favs. WAS REALLY FUN to play with this kit this month I have more stuff to make with it so check back and see the yumminess they have!

Bella I BELIEVE is getting FINALLY a little homesick. SHE CALLED TODAY on her own will and I told her I missed her and she said "I miss yous too mommy" FIRST TIME she has said that since she has been gone! I hate she is missing us. She can't come home though till the Strep is gone.. I cant start this med yet if I catch Strep :( The dr said I DONT have to live in a bubble and be as cautious as I WAS when I was on the other meds that I have been on, but, if someone is sick.. DONT go near them on purpose. so, we just have let her stay there with all the strep germs they already have.
I hope she gets well soon I really miss my kidlet!!!
Thank you all soooo very much also for your sweet comments and emails yesterday. I got all of them today so I may not have replied yet but I will. I have a ton of email to do. I am in a better mood (about that) today and back to my we are gonna get through this and it aint nothin but a shot attitude today. I am just gonna demand not to be sick rofl (as if that has worked so far ya know) from these meds.
So Im not worrying about it one more moment until it gets here. I have too much to do :) THANK YOU ALL AGAIN. YALL ROCK!!!


Cheryl Wray said... sweet about Bella missing you! I hope the strep is gone soon and yall can be back together.

LOve the page!!!

Scrappytbear said...

awwww hope tomorrow is better and better! Also hope Bella stays feeling ok and can come home to you soon! :)Great layout!

Lynn said...

bwahahaha of course you made friends w/the cable man. who are you NOT a friend w/chickie!! lol! hope bella gets better fast and dang why aren't you new posts poppin up on my ireader. have to investigate that. miss you chickie. buzz me when you feel like it:)

Lynnise said...

Hey, Nancy, I've been thinking about you today, I'm sorry your little Bella is sick, I hope she gets better quick, goodness I would miss her too.

I'm glad you got some time to scrap, though. You did a bang-up job with the SO kit- Just love the layout especially the blingy arrow:)

Have a wonderful weekend I'm praying for you girl!