Wednesday, June 23, 2010

upside down and backwards ... like me...

yeah yeah yeah I know some things just happen. kinda like this card. It was a CRAZY week last week to say the least. BUT I Had to say Thank you to a very special lady that does so much for so many people. I had won a marker kit from TOMBOW on UNKIT.
Bella and I were making cards for Papa to send him at the Rehabilitation center where he is getting his hip back to working again. (he had hip replacement) So I thought I would make an additional card for my sudie sudie.
I worked so diligently on this card. I was very distracted though.
Bella was asking me "where is this. Where is that... Mama can I use this... where are the stickles (you know how I am about my stickles!!!)
so I got distracted to say the least.
So I know you all heard me talking about my upside down backwards card.
USUALLY I will cut the front off and turn it around and fix it but this time I said... nahhh Im just gonna leave it this way. It kinda represents "me" right now and hey Sudie will say YUP thats our Nancy... she is a little backwards anyway...

haha So I thought I would show you the card.

I cant find the one Bella did but she used such pretty flowers and bling. Im kicking myself I have looked all through my files.
Sudie showed it on her Unkit live show. I will give you a link.
Bella got so excited when Ms sudie sudie (thats what she calls her) showed her card!)

SO I have been telling you all about our trip home Im telling you we crammed about a week into those 27 hours.
We got to go by our neighbors that we used to live beside. We saw the house we used to live in.... I almost cried. ALl the flowers we worked so hard on.... gone.
The magnolia tree I put out in my daddys memory... gone.
IF I had knowwwwwn they were gonna dig all those flowers up I WOULD HAVE DUG THEM UP AND BROUGHT THEM WITH US! We saw the neighbors across the street at my aunts funeral. She warned me. SHe said YOU MIGHT NOT want to see it. She knew how I had prided myself in those flowers. John and I worked sooo hard in that yard.
Oh well. Its not ours now.
We have a pretty yard here too... I still am sad about it though.
I have some sweet photos of Our neighbors from back home. It was sooooo good to see them.
Granny and Papa D is what we call them.
I have the cutest photo of Bella with Danny boy Their dog.

Even Danny (the dog) was happy to see us see him cheezin? how cute is this picture?)

You will see these coming soon on a scrapbook page haha. no doubt.

After we left there we all went to UP THE CREEK to eat. We used to love this resteraunt. I was sadly disappointed they didnt have fried strawberry cheesecake on the menu anymore. I guess it was the universes way of saying "Nancy, You don't need to eat that!" OH well. The mashed potatoes were good. ANd the company was even better!!

Yes thats me over in the corner. thats our whole clan in there.
see me cheesin' with my new smile.. yes thats just the temp smile but I got a smile.
we were sooo tired it was 11 at night but we made them take a pic while we were all together.

Thats all of us l to r Kasi's husband Jason, Kasi, Bella, Adam, Bradlee me, John and Mama... we were one wore out crew.

Tomorrow I will have to show you the pictures of Bella text messaging her cousins Adam and Bradlee across the table it was soooo funny.