Tuesday, August 30, 2011

so here it is end of August

Seems like this year is flying by. The kids are back in school. Bella is LOVING cheer Leading. They have their first game soon. She is practicing her cheers all over the house. She cheers everything now. you ask her a question and its " Y- E- S- mommy!!! whewwwwww or N- O- Thank you SHOW SPIRITTT!!!" hahaha. I love that youngen she cracks me up! Ya she is really getting into it.

So it being the end of the month a couple things we need to do.

too many people have computer crashes and yes it is hurricane season. I have been trying to uploa2d mine as I go to Walgreens site. Also there are places like photobucket and Flicker.
You can also back them up to disks and put copies in a safe deposit box for storage.
which is a very good idea.

I have been trying to print some off to scrap and frame as I take them. Notice I said TRYING.
As I get different papers and kits I put the photos that I want to use with it in with them so I can just grab them when I have time to scrap them.

2. Back up your computer, hard drive.
I try to do this at the end of the month also. is a good way to remember it.

3. Is your antivirus, malware protection updated? this really needs to be done MORE Than monthly. REALLY with facebook and all the other malicious stuff out there it is a good idea to update it regularly depending on how often you are on the internet facebook, twitter can bring you all kinda lovely infectious things onto your computer.

Just a few reminders for you, Things we do around here at the end of the month to keep the computers running. Thank the lord I have an in house I.T. guy. He is constantly reminding me of these things. So I thought I would share.

Also wanted to share with you some other fun things coming up.


This is going to be a really fun experience to get you teaching classes well.. like a rockstar! Taught by some of the BEST in the business. Check it out.

also be sure to check out TEACH CRAFTS LIKE A ROCK STAR on facebook

Hope you have a wonderful day!