Sunday, April 19, 2009

or so they say.
I sure hope so. It is grey and gloomy out there right now so we have to do everything to keep it sunny in here right now. Therefore, we must scrap!
Sounds like a plan huh?

Here are some GORGEOUS Imaginisce papers from ONESINGLESEED.COM how cute are these?
PERFECT for any little princess.

I also finished another layout with the May kit for Scrapbook Obsessions.
Ya know Bella got all that play make up for Christmas? she is a big time girly girl and loves to play in the make up. has since she was tiny. I cant turn my head for a second and she is in it. Her grand ma's have always put lipstick on her lips when they put it on themselves. They play beauty shop with her and she got this doll head for christmas. Well what this creation was Im not sure. (I think she was tryin to say it looked like mommy when she had shingles rofl!)

I learned a nice tip yesterday. If you can't get lipstick out of your kids clothes and you have already tried shout, (NO I DONT MEAN SCREAMING AND YELLING AT THE SAID CHILD THAT PUT THE LIPSTICK ON THE OUTFIT IM TALKIN BOUT THE STAIN REMOVER SHOUT)
If you have lancome eye make up remover.. that will work too. YOU DON't wanna know how I know. JUST TRUST ME ON THIS ONE BLOG READERS. TRUST ME.

I learned that DOVE soap and water and a 5 almost 6 year olds elbow grease will take a thick glue stick coating off of an Easter Basket when stuck to a Fireplace hearth. (as well as said child)

I Also Learned that when you THINK you have thrown away all of the lipstick because you were so mad that they wiped lipstick on a brand new outfit there will alwwwwwwways be ONEEEEEEEEE MOREEEEEEEEE somewhere!!!

I Also learned that a five almost six year old always knows where that lipstick is, and is very reluctant to give it up too.

I Also learned that (when asleep) I have the sweetest little girl in the entire world. Her smile melts my heart especially right now when she is trying to give me directions to the livin' room and she is telling me to
"Take ten steps South-North to the East at the Left stop sign! BUT ACTUALLY ITS TO THE RIGHT MOMMY! so just go there! Because we are gonna be DANCIN' WITH THE STARSSSSSSS!"
"OH! and Yall on mommy blog are alllll invited! SOOOO Bring a umbrella and sparkly shoes!"

she said it was important!!

You never know you just might LEARN something. :)