Saturday, March 08, 2008


THere is a bigggg crop going on this weekend at I-SCRAP lots of fun prizes to be given away so check it out!!!
Yesterday I had a nice surprise our friends from Pensacola Normana nd Carol Hughes came to see us. I felt so bad I crawled out of the bed to greet them literally, THEY DIDNT RUN OFF SCREAMING either IM shocked. haha. They know the situation and how sick I have been, IT will feel so good to wash my hair but this stuff on my scalp and face soap burns so I cant imagine putting shampoo on there yet. scary I know. Maybe tomorrow. Its better today some. They brought me this big tall plant that Bella calls a tree and she wrapped her boah around cuz she said it was cold...
Pray for the plant. We need to put it where she cant get to it she is gonna kill that thing. we have 1 plant left in my house and that is the one my friend Holly gave me last year. or maybe before that 2 years john said wow. yeah I guess it has been that long when I first got shingles soooo bad. We had been at a scrappin retreat and it just oh man took over my ears and face I slept most of the time at that scrappin retreat so they knew something was wrong. Im ussually the one always up and joking and playing nope I was in bed asleep most of the time. so Yeah I still by the grace of God have that plant and I have 1 plant that was from my daddys funeral that turned into a tree we put outside. it is some kinda ficus bush and it literally comes back every year we have it in the ground beside our house now.
OK enough about gardening 101 I try I do but Bella likes to "garden" them and so we have to put them up where she cant get to them. I know she means well lol.

Im still catching up on posts and e-mails. I don't feel quite as nauseated today so John was gonna cook me some chicken. I have been wanting some hot wings so bad (yeah I KNOW this is probably a bad idea but man I want em sooo bad) Bella is restless as a pirate in a heirloom store. She wants to play but its too cold outside. Mommy don't feel good so I don't want her running around me like a crazed indian on fire. Daddy is doing something I dunno but she don't wanna do that either. I turned on a video and hoped she would sit with me and watch it or just us read some books but no SHE WANTS to play hide and seek. So.. Its her turn to go hide,,,,, I'll go find her after while. I just don't have the energy to get up and run around man it must be nice to be 4.

I guess I better go find her before she destroys something.

edited to note: I had the chicken and it was a success whehew Im so happy this is the first day in what almsot 3 weeks I have eaten something good and it stayed with me, THis is huge success people!! I CALL THIS PROGRESS! they told me I would be able tot tell when this medicine kicked in and I THINK it has.