Monday, January 01, 2007


From Imagine Create Scrap Some serious Eye candy going on over there! Here are the creations so far I have made from the kit:

Hope everyone is enjoying the FIRST day of the year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

WHOA DUDE what a HAPPY Birthday it is today!!

John and Bella woke me up singing HAPPY BIRTHdAY. how sweet is that and they jumped on the bed for kisses and hugs. HOW SWEET IS THAT ... then WE had a big breakfast and THEY GAVE me a GORGEOUS birthday gift Im still standing here mouth open drawing flys! In an effort at humor He had me open the magnifying glass first I couldnt figure out what it was... then I saw the necklace (didnt need that magnifying glass dear WHOA) I laughed so hard. TOO FUNNY good one honey!! The first diamonds he gave me we really did have to have a magnifying glass to see.. wow has it really been that long ago. I AM IN LOVE with this necklace ever since I saw that commercial with the dude slipping it on teh sleeping girls neck. He said I would do that but you probably would have beat me up thinking I was a burgler or something. ha! He knows me so well. NOW I get to scrap with my pals today wheheweweeww! Watching as bella says "mommy pawade" listening to her sing Happy buffdays to mommmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and she is in the kitchen with daddy making a PINK CAKE... (wonder IF I should worry on that one) I will be taking photos of that dont worry. SHe is the cutest thing this morning in her pony tails bopping around. I just love them so much!!! OH now she is saying it is DADDYS pawade cuz it has a star wars band they are dressed like the star wars characters. TOO CUTE. OK must get going. THANK YOU GUYS for a great day today AND MY SCRAP ROOM IS LOOKIN GOOOD will show some photos later (my hubby and baby ROCK!)