Friday, June 30, 2006

agony despair and no good news

WELL.. ONE of these days there will be good news to share... NOT TODAY. well a little today but to start it off. Hubby has a swollen eye so he had to go to optomotrist first thing this morning. seems he got something foreign in it and it got infected... so he is home today. Im having female problems from that blame cyst on my ovary and after having kidney stones earlier (why do they follow each other each time) Im ready to scream im so sore. Called the nurse she said if it gets worse to go in for a ct that it sounds like it could have ruptured. and that I sound like I am getting anemic (ya think? there is gonna be nothing left in me before long!) She told me to drink a large glass of OJ and take a strong multi vitamim ????? Ok did that. and then I ate a good dinner. and believe it or not I FEEL MUCH BETTER. It has slacked off some now and I can sit at the computer. IM so tired of feeling crappy. They already had told me to come in and they were gonna look at taking the cyst cuz I keep having so much trouble.. maybe it will be gone but please let there be no other trouble from it. Im ready to just say TAKE IT ALL OUT and be done with it. They said I shouldnt have any more kids anyway... well I was told not to have Bella either and well That turned out ok but I wont be selfish I got one healthy kid why chance it and do that again.