Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Almost alive....

I have no idea what day it is at this point. I tell ya, Chicken pox/shingles have to be the work of the devil. We say Chicken pox because they are all over not just in a straight line on one nerve. THEY ON ALL MY NERVES!! Hard to really be able to describe if they hurt or itch or burn. Miserable is the easiest description. THEN because they were down in my throat (and my throat kept closing... what a nightmare) I ended up with this pneumonia.
I am finally starting to feel almost alive. I know I am still not out of the woods but I can at least see the edge of the forrest.

I am so behind on things. I have a stack of projects needing to be done. Bella has things needing to be done. John has things needing to be done.. and all I wanna do is crawl back to my bed and throw the covers over my eyes. (they burn like staring into a blazing fire)
Ok enough complaining. Not alot I can do about this so I just have to buck on up and move forward... sigh.
The last few weeks have been full of all kinds of emotion from things going on in our family, to anniversarys of sad days, and hurricane watching. (yes there is another one out there spiraling towards us but hopefully is going to by pass us)

I did get a lovely email today showing the project I made "The man you never knew" for the Scrapbooking.com newsletter. That is such a fun publication and has amazing ideas in it. If you would like to look you can see it HERE
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Well not alot to say. I still feel like crapp. Was hoping mind over matter but it aint workin' So I guess I will find my way back to bed.
Hope you have a great day. SOrry for such a downer post.