Monday, December 24, 2007

May you Believe.

THis has to be one of my favorite photos from last year. I scrapped this page in no time flat. The photo just inspired me so much. That is how I scrap though.. from my heart. It's not just about the paper and glue, although we love that too. IT is about the memory and the moment that is standing still in that photo. I don't remember alot from last Christmas. The last 2 years actually I have had battles with these shingles and kidneys. SO far after finding the correct medication... I THINK this year may be better. I hope so anyway. I look at Bella's eyes in this photo and it just says everything about Christmas to me. The magical look ina little girls face. The excitement of the lights and the beautiful decorations, the love she has for her family and friends, the anxiousness to open those gifts. ALl of it right there in that little girls face. THAT is what Keeps me going. It is all about the little ones for me. I love watching them when they get to decorate cookies or go to a Christmas parade. I really cant wait till tomorrow morning when she sees the things Santa brought her. Tonight we will read The Christmas Story and go over again the TRUE reason we celebrate Christmas. We hope you have a very blessed Christmas. May you BELIEVE not only with your eyes but with your heart the TRUE meaning of CHRISTMAS.
The Jones Family

For unto us this day is born a savior Christ The Lord.