Thursday, March 29, 2007


What is so great about Thursday you say? well it means its ALMOST FRIDAY! Got ALLLLL KINDA COOOL STUFF GOING ON. ONe IM in a cool contest and the new challenge comes up on Fridays. SO that rocks so much fun!!!

BUT THE BIG thing is that we are doing a NEW CONTEST at Treasures To Scrap. IT is sooo much fun. A member has to team up with a design team member. One DIgi and ONe paper. and the design team had to pimp themselves to get the members to vote for them. IT was truly funny. Teri lynn chose me as her paper scrapper so Now ME and TL gonna kick some some serious scrap boooty. WHEHEHEW. THIS is gonna be so much fun!

THere are still a few paper scrappers in need of a DIGI PARTNERs. SO IF you are interested GO SIGN UP at TREASURES TO SCRAP.