Friday, April 24, 2009

Fried Ravioli oh my Heaven!!!!

Ok so my husband has never looked any better to me in his life than at this moment right now. why you say? Because he is cookin' up some yum delicious somethin' called FRIED RAVIOLI.
You know us down here in the south. We will fry anything if you give us enough time.
well yup. we have gone and done it and this invention is PUREEEE GENIUS! It is all my friend tollys fault. I was sick so sick in bed coudlnt eat. I was on the phone talkin to her. she said TURN IT TO FOOD NETWORK. AND this SKINNY I'Talian (pronounced EYE TALIAN for you that dont know me.) woman was cookin this stuff and I said "OH NO. SHE DIDNT JUST FRY THAT? IS SHE KIN TO ME? she has to be KIN TO ME." I had not been able to eat nothin but Jello and crapp of such because I was sick with shingles. so I made a solemn vow as sooooon as I was able to eat I wanted this yummy treat. My sweet hubby went out the second I could eat and got the ingredients and made this (the following monday) I got sick as I dont know what but omgosh it was worth it.

THis is good stuff blog readers I am here to tell you! ANd SUPER EASY! I got the photos to prove it so Loook a HERE: THIS IS WHATCHADO:

oops sorry let me turn it around see if I can get Bella to help

In the refrigerator section of your grocery they have these raviolis. THE CHEESE FLAVOR or the spinach are the best (the meat kind get kinda ewey... just sayin. but you may like them.

2 eggs and beat them (crack em first put into bowl... in case you need a tricked out name tag and dont know nothin atall bout cookin)

get another bowl for the bread crumbs and a cooling type rack to place the raviolis on after you dip them in egg then bread crumbs.


Then all ya do...

easy huh?
They will look like this:

Then you preheat your grease:
and fry them suckers.

Dont that look gooood?

ok you got to let them cool!!!

TADAAAAAAAAAA! ( I cheated on the sauce... it is left over from pizza we ordered last night from Bucks hehe but man it is really good with it)

NOW since Nana is here and she has never tried it. IT is time for the taste test.


Bella headed for seconds!

This is one of my favorite meals now! He also makes fried cheese with this. IT is a great appetizer great party food and meal we love for friday nights or when we have company over.

We had a busy day today. We got Bella out of school early since Nana is here. SHe talked me into going to Target with them and man IM whooped. but, it was nice to get out. I got some tomato plants to put in my upside down thingy do John got me as an early mothers day present and I got my new baby cousin that Brooke (Jan's daughter) is still cookin in her belly baby shower gift. Bella and I had sooo much fun looking for that baby some stuff. I could have bought everything in there. Oh I just love doing that. so much adorable stuff. I told Jan now she will just have to work on the next one or tell Britt Britt its her turn! I cant have any more so... We need a baby around. That was fun. lol.
Man am I wore out. (and its shot night blahhhhh) Had dr Appt today. I love to aggravate my dr. He was off on some kinda long cruise for a month so I greeted him with DIDJAMISSME??? WHATDIDYABRINGME??? he just cracked up. Good news my BP is back to normal WHHEEWHEWW. (finally) losing weight like crazy no clue what that is about. but IM NOT COMPLAINING YET. Im far from that lyndsey lohan epidemic weight so I am not gonna say nuffin yet. when I get to the dry bone scene and look all poorly then we might have a prollem.
for now we are just goin hmm how odd. is prolly this interferon. COULD BE WORSE YA KNOW!!! I have a healthy little girl a hubby that cooks and some fried ravioli LIFE IS GOOD PEOPLE LIFE IS GOOOOOD!
Hope you have a good weekend!