Saturday, June 09, 2007

keeping my mind busy...

I scrapped a little bit today to try to get my mind off wanting to be back home with my family. Feels good to scrap. I used the new Kelli Crowe Limited edition kit from sis tv that I got to play with. IT was really fun. I colored in the pattern paper with the different colors. I used some LOVE, ELsie ribbon and stickers that went so cute with this paper, it was pretty easy to make it match. The QUeen and co buttons (how stinkin cute are those huh?) and Thickers letter stickers that I doodled on. I added the extra dots and lines and doodles to finish it up. This page kinda reminds me of the Dr Suess Cartoon OH the Places we will go... maybe its the colors I dont know (could be the cool meds they have me on who knows) but we will say OK nancy and just go with it ok.
HERe is the page.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Just a short entry today, leting you know that Aunt Ouida passed away last night around 10 pm our time. She is no longer suffering and is now probably reminising and singing with the other ANgels we have in heaven. I am sure they all welcomed her with loving arms and she is resting peacefully now back with Uncle Robert and my daddy and our other loved ones that have gone on before her. She is gonna be missed for her smiles and her love and not to mention her chicken and dumplins (she was a great cook) We will miss her but I am at peace knowing she no longer is suffering and is forever more with the angels. WE will miss you AUnt Ouida.
I dont have details on all the arrangements yet, but will post them for our out of town family as soon as I know them. Also when I get the obituary I will scan it here so you can have a copy if you would like to copy and paste it. Love yall.