Saturday, September 05, 2009

cuz I got sick friends.....

somewhere in the photography and the uploading the colors on this turned out wayyyyyyyy wrong. because this is not pink or that bright green. its more burgundy and tan.. Im using scraps of papers I have in my stash and making up some cards. See I have some friends that have been sick and another friend that is going in for some really serious cancer surgery and I really need yall to pray for her. Im really worried about her. So Im making this card for her to make her smile. Im scared to send it to her because I have had shingles. I know IM such a germ a phobe freak now but I kinda have to be IF YOU COULD SEE my ear and my neck You would understand. (I look like I landed in an ant bed, it is mostly healing up now but I did) ok nuff gross stuff. I feel so bad for her so I wanted to make her smile. Is that chicken not cute?

My mama's birthday is coming up soon (COUGH COUGH WINDALE COUGH COUGH THATS A REMINDER COUGH COUGH IM STILL THE GOOD CHILD COUGH COUGH) she loves chickens so I have been cuttin out these chickens on this paper to ... well make SOMEEEETHIN out of them.

Bella is CREATINGGGG today too. I asked her if she was an ARTIST today and she quickly set me STRAIGHT saying "UGHM MOMMY I am an ARRTEEEESTE'"

(note to self... she needs her bangs trimmed)
She started off on that paint by number thing she picked that out to paint for grammas birthday then decided she didn't "like their numbers by gosh" she was gonna do it her way. (dunno where she gets that from must be her fatherrrr. I would never do such a thing. I always read the directions and follow them to a t. what?
Why are you laughing? What is so funny? Well... sigh... maybe she gets it a little from me a tad. but yeah mostly him. ugh huh yup mostly him. hehe

She and John also went to Home depot and got the paint for her room they compromised on a light purple aka lavendar. THANK YOU JESUS. she picked out this neon omg slap somebody make me gauge my eyes out purple and bright neon green. We live not far from the airport and Im thinkin.. planes would be redirected, that stuff would glow.
NOT HAPPNIN. I know your only a kid once but her room is on the front of the house... and im thinking how many coats of paint would it take to cover that stuff???

Also I have eye issues now sight and smell make me react to violent upchuck reactory fits sometimes without warning its worse than being pregnant. (THANK YOU INTERFERON) hey BUT I CAN WALK SO WHO COMPLAINS!!!! NOT ME!! IM just happy to be here wheheww! so we went with light and will accent with bright stuff
shes happy im happy... but CAN YOU JUST SEEEEE the father daughter discussion in home depot???? ROFL
John "ughmmmmmmm NO. not happnin'"
Bella: "but Daddy WHY? I want THISSSSSSSSSSSSS"
John: "It will make me go blind and your mother's Eyes fall out then she will throw up buckets. Thats why."
Bella: "Really?" (almost like hmm would it be worth seeing) "But daddy I LIIIIIKE it!"
John: "Do you want me to go blind and your mom's Eyes to fall out then her puking all the time? The answer is NO"
Bella: "It sure woulda been cool" (does the funeral march with her lavendar paint down the paint isle......)
John: "ya if you wanted me runnin into walls and puke splattered all over everything..."
Bella: "Daddy Your just gross."
John: "Hey.. You wanted the Bright colors not MEEEEEEE."
Bella: "Your just weird too."
Bella: "UGHHHHH (rolling eyes) Daddy you just ughhhhhh can we go now? "

SHE IS 6.... oh boy.. IM gonna invest now in prozac and a straight jacket for the teen years because this my friends is gonna be a fun trip!!!