Thursday, April 24, 2008

WHEWEW I won a free kit!

This month with Scrapbook Obsessions. IT is their anniversary kit at that. IT is so full of stuff. THis paper is so gorgeous! I hated to cut it. They had a ton of add on's this month to go with it as well.
IF YOU WANT THIS ONE... You better hurry! IT is going like hot cakes. That prima is fine! I LOVE those flowers. In the photo it looks like its just 3 flowers ughmm NO it is 12 of those gorgeous flowers in that box they are just stacked on top of each other so its hard to notice it. I have already done 2 pages today. (that is a record for me) I didnt do really complicated pages today though I was really wanting to dive into that box!

I know it is hard to see but the word sweet is in the back ground paper, I tried to highlight it with some white chalk... you can see it better in person.
Since it is dark I had to scan these, so... they don't always look as good. But, you get the general idea. OK back to scrappin' LOVEEE this kit!!