Sunday, September 10, 2006

OK ALREADY here is a preview

OK after teasing yall SOOO MUCH HEre is a preview of sort of one of my pages I wont say which for the contest.. YOU HAVE to log on to STM to see them EACH DAY NEXT week.

The contest is sooo rockin' and so fun and I AM HAVING A BLAST scrappin these pages. Even though when I was doing my stamp page I left my layout to kinda dry and thought I had shut my door to my scrap room... BElla came in and RESTAMPED ALL OVER IT with beautiful flowers ::insert the smiley with the steam coming off its head here:: I was so upset I cried but then chilled out cuz she was just doing what she saw me do and wanted to make it pretty. I didn't scold her I didnt even punish her I just counted for a long time cried then let it go. Now I am making another page for my stamping project rofl. Bellas page will be added to the book with HER input of flowers on the page but not in the contest lol. It actually DOESN't look too bad just wasnt what I was going for....

SO anyway there is your sneak peak at a corner hehehehehe yes I know im bad. JUST ONE MORE DAY YALL! WHO IS SO EXCITED!!!

nette if your out there.. PLEASE be safe tomorrow traveling. We are praying, cuz I know it will be stressful day for you. love ya much! AND LET US KNOW when you make it home I DONT CARE WHAT TIME IT IS. I am sure I will be up anyway.