Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bless you!

Bella is achhhhooo! aaaaachoooing! as she calls it. Poor baby. She could do the perfect nyquil commercial for kids right now. I should have known something was up this past week, when twice she took a voluntary nap. That is just unheard of.
She did the same today. I can say though she is still in good spirits and it has not stopped her ever quest of stalking the ice cream man.
He better hit our street today because she is camped out waiting for him dollar in hand!
(not like we don't have ice cream in the freezer but it is not the same as the wagon of cold treats that roam the neighborhood with music blaring) can't say I blame her. My heart goes pitter patter when I hear that melodious tune hit the airways.ahhh the sweet sound of spring.
It is almost Easter. You know what that means. Awesome candy. John brought home a new kind last night to my hearts wonderment and amazement. (and butt size expansion)
Reeses Peanut butter Whoppers. OMG why did they come out with these? To torment me. THats why.
Thank GOD he got the small box Thank GOD.
I couldn't sleep last night. Must have been the whoppers.
So I scrapped with the April Kit from Scrapbook Obsession. YESSSS Im still working with it. I had been sick and well yall know all about all that jazz then went to the dentist to FINALLY get my teeth fixed from all the damage this blame interferon is causing (need teeth to eat the whoppers! priorities yall!) and had allergic reaction to the Amoxycillan. (that was fun NOT!)
So Im still catching up. So anyway, Here is my Achoo' Kleenex cover upper

I only have photos of three sides of it right now. I am charging the battery in my camera. The other side has 1 2 3 on it. SO I will get the other side of it posted for you to see later. sorry. Here.. eat some whoppers. You will feel better about it in a few seconds :)

OH By the way, If you are in Hobby Lobby The latest edition of Stamping Stationery and Scrapbooking has 3 of my layouts in it. pages 47, 52 and 62 so check it out!
Happy Scrappin'