Friday, February 29, 2008

im home

I got to come home today.All we really know is I have vasculitis on my brain (fancy word for the blood vessels are swoll up) and I have these white and werid looking lesions on my brain,,, no stroke no aneurisyms thought just lesions but these can happen with lupus when you get brain involvment we have been praying this would never happen. my spinal tap came b ack clean so that was a blessing. They sent off my scans of my brain to get another look at them before they make a final diagnosis Yeah they are thinkign it is someting else to go along with all this other crapp but IM NOT even gonna say cuz If I say it migt betrue and i dont dare wantt his to be true, Ic ant imagine. anyway I passed a freakin kidney stone in the mri machine.This little dude couldnt speak englishe and I was wavin my foot at hima nd he was saying wat wong wiff U I said GET ME OUT i need to p HE SAI i ALMOS FRU i SAID well you gon ahve to wai tim passing a kidney stone HE SAID WAHT i SAID rock comin out my buttt dude HANG YOURSELF ON FOR A FEW. SO A FEW MINUTES OF SCREAMING AND BLOOD I GOT IT OUT i TOLD HIM YOU NEED A CLEAN UP IN THERE CUZ I TRIED. HEWAS SO CONFUSED. I TOLD HIM iM OK NOW STICK ME BACK IN THERE SO HE WAS LIKE OOOOK. HE SAID you have a BABY? I siad NO A ROCK. he was so confused. finallyh someoen explained to him and he said OH no wonder your little button didnt work I said I KNOW THIS THAT IS HWY I WAS WAVIN MY FOOT AT YOU, dummy anyway... im sure i left an impression on him...

Im really tired and sorewhere they did the spinal tap hurts hurts hurts but other than that I think im gonna be ok. I can feel the left side of m face more than i did going in so that is good It still feels weird and m legs and feet feel weird. but i can feel them so That makes me happy. THANK YOU ALL SOOOOO MUCH FOR THE PRAYRES.
we will know in 3 weeks more about this so Im gonna have to keep my mind off this or I will go nuts...seems liek a good time to get those pages scrapped I wanna get done for bella. My mom is here she can help tell me who these peopel are kwim. so Im gonna get on that some gtomorrow as I can do it.
Thank you all SOOOOOOOO very much You dont know how much i appreciate it. esp John as well he is so upset and worried whent he dr said what he thought this ws he just dropped and said NOPE we are nto doing this it cant be tat we wont accept that so there ya go. I just right now feel bad for bELLA SHE has no idea I just pray it is something fixable. and we finally find out what caused it and make it go away I hate not being able to hold my little girl cuz it hurts.tank you again