Sunday, July 09, 2006


I just got an email from scrappy Chic magazine to be a freelance artist for their site. They will let me know when they need projects or "fill ins" and Ill do pages to go intheir magazine for product HOW MUCH DOES THAT ROCK!!! whehwhew THat will make the kidney stones feel better


WELL come AUGUST it will be official. YOu will see Bella's stinkin cute face in Scrapstreets magazine! YEAHHH!!! My splish splash layout is officially published. IM in the run off for the cover SO keep your fingers crossed. I won't know who got it till later on in the month but IM so excited! YIpeee!! She said I could keep the page on my blog so I didn't delete it. It is further down my blog though.

They shall be called payne agony and ouch!

Well so far so good. I have passed 3 kidney stones. I thought I was done at 2 but no no no had to pass one more just for good measure. Carol Burnett once described childbirth pain as to take your bottom lip and pull it over your head. Im not sure that is how Id describe it but lets just say Im still walking funny. I PRAY that is it, being I took the last of the medication they gave me. I have a gyno appt tomorrow at 2 45 to see about the cyst I pray it is something that is easily fixed and We dont have to go through a HUGE drawn out process. I REALLY DO NOT have time for this! Then THURSDAY I have a urologist appt. I guess it would be just silly to have the appt WHEN IM ACTUALLY IN PAIN! whatever... I just hope it goes away and stays.