Thursday, July 05, 2007


SANTA DEFINITLY CAME TO MY HOUSE TODAY!!! THe mail man came and I got this package and I was pretty clueless wtheck is this. John said DON'T OPEN IT TILL I GET HOME cuz I have to get something. Im thinking GET something???? oook. IT has TTS address on it so Im like hmmmm I didnt order anything. BUt I know something sneaky has been going on cuz John had been Talking to Tracy. ANd Robin has been dancing around I know something you dont know. SO Im like OK the gig is up. SO JOhn was on his way home makes me WAIT!!! meanie. HE gets home and says OK YOU can open it. I told him I THOUGHT you had to get something he said I DO... HE goes and gets MY CAMERA. IM like UGHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO I LOOK HORRIBLE what are you doing HELLOOO unwashed hair no shower yet eww go awayyy HE said I HAVE TO.... well ughmm Ok..
SO I open the box heart pounding cuz the box has fragile all over it Im thinking it is too small to be Bella and I didnt hear any little girl giggling. so still mystery to me..... I open it and there is a PRECIOUS CARD that smells all good and some towels. Im like TOWELS? OK SO I reluctantly READ the card first cuz Yall know me and figure Id get to the good stuff but I read it and she says I had this just laying around here and figured you and bella would enjoy it more. SO IM thinking WHAT... AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THE LIGHT BULB COMES ON. TRACY GOT SOMETHING NEW RECENTLY. THE NEW 12 x12 CRICUIT. SOOOOO GUESS WHAT I GOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO she gave ME HER CRICUIT SHE HAD BEFORE!!!! OMG CAN YOU BELIEVEEE THAT!! I AM BLOWN AWAYYYYYYY! IM so happy and SO PROUD and I was crying and laughing and then I wanted to beat her cuz that is just tooo much. SHe is so funny THe photos was she wanted to see me open it. I wont show you all cuz UGHHHH yall woudl be scared. BUT IM SOOO EXCITED! THANK YOU SO MUCH TRACY you are just one of my truest bestest buds and I just love you to pieces MEAN IT. BUT I know you know all that!
I brag on her constantly and on her site she is rockin cool and so sweet.

Also ANOTHER HAPPY. MY BABY IS COMING HOME TONIGHT!! SHe was cryin this morning she wanted her mommy and daddy. so... they are comin tongiht. which is fine by me cuz I just figured we woudlnt see her for another month cuz THEY WOULDNT EVEN MENTION coming home!! SO LOTS of good news today.. so ughmm I gotta go ... I got stuff to play with stuff to clean fore they get here BYEE!!!!