Saturday, May 13, 2006

I made these for my mother in law and for my Mother for Mother's day. THE little door opens and it has updated photos of Bella in it. (since shingles I DONT DO PHOTOS SORRY) THis was a kit I got from my friend Holly. Then I NancyJONES'd It up and made it mine. SO, well.. the paper is the same. WHEN HAVE I EVER FOLLOWED directions huh? Holly is an awesome scrapper/teacher. She gives me so much inspiration. SHe is like the sister I wished I had. OK nuff mush. I GOTTA GO GET READY TO CROP yipppeee (can ya tell I havent been gettin' out much!) Happy moms day to me!

its 5 am somewhere...HERE!

Thats Nancy WITH A Jones YUP it is 5 am and IM AWAKE. I get to go crop today. IM SO EXCITED. BUT Miss Bella bug has been up every couple hours well every hour for a bit there. coughing... she would be hot I woudl go check on her put her covers back on her.. then cough cough.. I gave her cough medicine.. she threw it back up at me... literally. OH the joys of being a mommy. (I wouldnt trade it for nuttin!) Have yall checked out yet? WEll its not because I havent told yall too! They have these AMAZING kits there. LOTS of talent there as well! check through the gallry you may see a familiar face. (muah you ask) Yeah I been floodin' their gallery. Jeanne will never recommend anything to me again hahaha. BUT IM Totally in love with this place. SO many cool folks so MUCH TALENT! IM totally impressed. THEIR KITS are amazing YOU HAVE TO GO LOOK.