Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Did someone say School is out?

Well It is official. I have a second grader. So hard to believe. She is growing up way too fast. I want it just to slow down some. It is as if I blinked and she is 7. To me she should still be this little bitty slobber monster. It just goes so fast.

She had a skating party on Monday. I wanted to go with her so so bad but, I had to go to the Dentist (they are finally getting started on my dental surgery thank you lawd!) Yeah I know your thinkin' "did she just get excited about dental surgery? is she on somethin?" the answer is "yes and well ya" They have me on anti naus and some pain stuff my teeth are just literally crumbling. LOVELY medications I have to take for Multiple Sclerosis.
Prolonged use will cause the dental problems. Also some surgeries I had they damaged some teeth and I had not been able to get it fixed UNTIL NOW (kept breaking out in shingles and having huge flares and they wouldnt touch me while I was broken out)
SO FINALLLY yes FINALLY!!!! Im getting to get this done. I know I am suffering right now and It is painful to say the least. But It will be so worth it. SO THAT is why I didnt get to go to her Skating party or her awards ceremony :(
I had to go to the dentist and have all this prestuff done.

When I got home I was in so much pain I was nauseas. Between that and the medication. I went to bed. We are praying this surgery is not going to flare everything up. so I would appreciate it if you would join us in those prayers. You know how freaky MS can be.
Speaking of M.S. TODAY is WORLD M.S. Day.
My sweet hubby even wore his ORANGE shirt in honor of it today.
love ya honey!

I know it is late in the day, but you can still help out. Raise awareness, Wear something orange. Tell someone about MS. Pray for someone that has it. give an encouraging word or even a smile. Its a rough disease to have to live with.
The families of the people with MS really Deserve gold medals and purple hearts for what all they have to go through.
Bella was so upset I didnt get to go to her awards ceremony this morning.
This is just one of the things I absolutely hate about this disease. disappointing my little girl.
Missing her school functions. Not being able to go do things with her like a mommy should. John took photos for me and I will share in a moment.
but You healthy people. DO NOT take these moments for granted. I would give anything ANYTHING to be there front and center at every tiny little event. I would not let work or anything get in the way If I was healthy enough to attend these things!
I want you all to think about that.

Ok enough about that stuff Lets look at these cutie pictures!!!

As I mentioned they had their skating party on Monday.
Now. Bella had NEVERRRR been skating before. So this was another first. I want to big big hugs to my Tara for taking pictures for me love love love me some Tara.
So these photos are compliments of her. (I wont show the moustache photo since she was so kinddddd and took these for me bwahahhahaaa!)

Here is the entire class with Ms. Brown. SHe is such an amazing woman. They just loveeee her (and so do we) can ya tell? She is such a fun person!

The Whole class donated and we Made this MONEY TREE for MS. Brown. Isn't That cool??
That was part of her Teacher appreciation Gift for end of the year..

I think she really liked it.

Bella's Awards ceremony at end of school today:

SHe got the Reading award and Made Honor Roll all year!
Way to go baby!

Bella and Ms Brown showing her Awards.

Bella Brena and Mandalyn
These are two of Bellas little friends in her class.
So cute!

Ok that is all the photos I have today.

Maybe tomorrow I will upload some of the kitties. Bella is yelling to comeee take some pictureess they are doin' somethin' cuttte!

OH and I was asked did I watch the season finale of lost. YESSSS! And I made a prediction they were all gonna be Dead... shoulda put a penny on it hahahaha!
CANNOT wait for American Idol tonight. GOOOO LEE! (although Crystal rocked it out of the park last night I have to give her props! I would buy her music she has a great voice. I just LOVE Lee!!)
Ok must lay down before this nausea stuff wears off ugh. comeee onnn June so I can get this over with ugh!
hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!