Friday, April 13, 2007

whine complain and aaaaaahhhh ::COUGH::

THey shoot animals that are in such misery why not humans? I guess I should be happy they don't.

OK SO I haven't updated my blog. I KNOW I KNOW you ALL have tagged me IM NOT ignoring you.. OK maybe I am a little BUT, I have a good reason.
Yall know I was sick with it all through Easter, Felt like crapp didn't care the world was revolving, actually I really didn't, since they put me on some major meds. BUT then as Lupus would have it. It turned into Pneumonia.

Yeah really sucks. My mom had to come back down and help cuz I had not been able to do alot. yeah I KNOW I have SOOOOOO much I am supposed to be doing and needs to get done but well My lungs say different. DID I MENTION BElla IS TURNING 4 IN ANOTHER WEEK (say it aint sooooo please my baby cannot be grouwing up this fast!!!)

I DID manage to get a project done for the competition I am in. IM not sure how good it is. I HOPE IF I MAKE IT THROUGH this round I can redeem myself next week. BUT, I have a feelin I will be sittin in the green room rofl. Ahhh we shall see.
I remain hopeful OR is that the breathing treatments ... whichever its all good.

I hope I havn't let my partner in the Treasures TO Scrap contest down to much. TERI LYNN YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! I did get my template page done.. I think it sucks. YALL KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO SCRAP with Kleenex shoved up your nose and coughing like you have a huge addiction to cigarettes for all of your life. so anyway.. enough whining. IM getting off the nail so to speak (too bad everyone can't join me in that) and going back to bed.
I will catch up on the tags, eeeehhh maybe tomorrow. TOday AInt lookin too much like it hehe. sooo Maybe tomorrow.