Monday, June 09, 2008

Lets get scrappin' now...

Have you ever gotten some papers that you just KNEWWW they were perfect for some photos that you have? Well that is how I felt about these papers from REMINISCE DESIGNS. The tropical feel of them were perfect for these cutie patootie pics of Bella bug. Her nana had gone home to Hawaii to visit her family and brought back all kinda fun goodies for Bella and well all of us. I had been looking for some good tropical papers that werent cheesy that would accent these photos. THESE WERE PERFECT. They have some Hawaii papers IM droooling over too. WOULD BE PERFECT for the rest of the pics that Nana made and the hula girl photos of Bella. SOOO stinkin cute!

I also scrapped this photo I have had for a while, actually since Thanksgiving. Bella was having so much fun showing me how fast she could go down the slide. She kept saying "LOOK MOMMY isn't it amazing?" She was so happy with how fast she could go. She had us all cracking up. What perfect title for this page than You are so AMAZING? (she really is! she amazes me every day) So anyway.. here she is with all her.... ugh... Amazement? Amazingness? err anyway... I used amazing Basic Grey Archaic Patterned paper (which you can find at TREASURES TO SCRAP and that awesomely amazing LACE paper that has AMAZING written into it. How perfect aye? pretty.. AMAZING If I do say so myself. OK OK OK I will drop the amazing bit. I like to try to use some papers for not what you would think. You know.. like those are kinda boy papers and I have used them several times for Girl pages. ALso I used this Valentine line by Reminisce Designs, for a bicycle page of Bella bug on her Big girl bike, You know, Instead of the usual LOOOOVEEE page. She was giving her Babies a ride on her bike, she takes each one and gives it a turn. Totally crackin' us up. LOVE this age. Never know what is gonna come out of that cute little mouth.

She is all whiney today. I had her slathered down in sunscreen yesterday when she and the crew went to the beach. She still got blistered a little bit on her legs and shoulders. More on her face than anything. Makes me wonder if she washed her face when she brushed her teeth and got the sunscreen off. Remind me next time to triple slather her down. OH and ask John is he is gonna burn on his feet and legs and if he needs sunscreen there too... BWAHAHA yes the nagging wife was right this time. YOU DO NEED SUNSCREEN THERE. (AMAZING isnt it.. hahaha I crack me up!!) OK OK IM out of here to go play babies with Bella and wait for Mr. Sir to get home with Veggies from the Farmers Market. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.