Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday! Bella woke up early to see what the Easter Bunny had Brought. She had gotten that cute little short set also she has on and a basket full of yummies, and a new carnival game for her Wii. lots of colored pencils and writing things for her to practice with for school and books for reading. SHE LOVES to read and does so good with it.

We had a great meal John cooked ham, I cooked green beans, skillet corn, pink eye purple eye peas, rolls and yummy deviled eggs it was all yummy. Carol and Norman drove over from Pensacola it was sooo good to see them. Carol Brought Strawberry shortcake BELLA ATE 3 big bowls of it. (SHE ALSO WANTED IT THIS MORNING FOR BREAKFAST!!) she keeps asking me is it lunch yet mama so she can have some more the kid lovessssssssssssssssss strawberries!

Grammaw was here too.

Bella and Norman Played the Wii Did I mention that Bella WHOOPED THE SNOT OUT OF HIM IN BOWLING ::SNICKER:: sorry Norman I think Bellas exact words were I SMOKEEEEDDD HIM!
We won't harrass him too bad about it or his baton twirling.. hehehe he was pretty cute though. WE all went outside since it was BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE and rather windy since we had tornados coming (that wasnt so great) but it was gusty so Bella wanted to fly her little kite. SHe has a big kite that some other really sweet friends of ours (HEY MISS LIZ! WAVING FRANTICALLY!) gave her that is hanging on her wall in her room! but we are waiting to go to a big field with no trees notice our yard and all the big treesss! to fly it. so we flew this little barbie one in the driveway.
she had sooooooooo much fun. IT was much better this day since there was more breeze around and john could help her. Yesterday was hysterical watching her run up and down the driveway. (PLUS IT WORE HER LITTLE TAIL OUT AND SHE SLEPT GOOD. THink we are gonna do that some this week on spring break hahahahaa!!!

I LOVEEEEE this picture of Carol and Bella. Has to be my favorite!

She was sitting in her lap taking a rest, Kite flying is hard work ya know ;)

Later we went to Eva Caroline's and hunted Easter eggs. (Bella's very best friend in the whole wide world) Are they not just the sweetest ever) They have been best friends since we moved here. They were both about 2. not quite 2 actually. so adorable they were. so have actually grown up across the street together. Both only children. HOPE they always live across the street from each other and can be close like this.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Today we are just chillin' Bella has spring break this week.
mama is on the phone with the insurance company.....
I have projects due and tonight is shot night. John has to work we had tornados last night so he has some minor things to repair today. I hope everyone is safe and had no damage. WE ARE ALL OK AS you can see :)
I didn't post all the photos because I will be scrapbooking them :) have a great day.