Thursday, May 24, 2007

SO what is she tryin to say here?

BElla: "Mommy! I fink I could go to sleep easier if you sang me a lullaby."
me: "A LULLABY? who sings that? Not Georget strait... KID ROCK? OH I KNOW!! Rascal Flats?"
BElla::: rolling her eyes::: "NO MOMMMY! JUST sing me a lullaby."::deep dramatic grandma sigh::
me: "OOOOK" ::clears throat:: "LULLLLLAAAAAAAABYYYYYEEEEEEEeeee and GOODDDDDD NIiiiigghh"
Bella:: putting fingers in ears::: "MOMMYyyyyyyyy! stoppppppppp PLEASEeeee DONT DO THAT...."
me: "What?! I thougth you wanted me to sing you a lullabye."
Bella: "I did! but I changed my mind" ::rolls over in a huff

me:" WHY did you change your mind? I can sing somethig else.. I KNOW! wanna hear some "You are my susnshine" or some "Amarillo by morning?"
Bella: :: pretending to snore:: "shhhhhh mommmy! IM JUST ASLEEP already."

YA THINK she is tryin to tell me something?????