Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Nat'l Scrapbook Day and say hello to:

TREASURES NEW "DEDINE TEAMS MEMBUR" BELLA!! Tracy asked BElla yesterday to be on the design team. SHe is taking this VERY SERIOUSLY. THe first thing she said when she woke up today was that "she had PWOJECTS to do and she was CWAPPIN wiff miss Twacy all the day" She had soooo much fun doing the kid challenges and kid scrapping today. SHE INSISTED she wear this dress to scrap. SHE LOVESSS this dress. SO HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK DAY. YOU WOULD THINK it is a huge holiday around here.
so as my friend Heather said "Did the scrappy fiary-clause bring you anything?"
IM sorry I almost spit on my screen when I saw her say that. NOPE didn't bring me anything but we are we having fun. We have had a HUGEEEE weekend crop at TREASURES TO SCRAP and it will continue on tonight as well. SO MUCH going on. very fun stuff lots of challenges. EVEN for the kids. BElla did some challenges today as well, for the kids challenges. Here are her pages:
THis one was to scrap your favorite book or movie, she also did the stickers on it for hte sticker challenge and has her father and herself on it with her CINDERELLA castle playing. (scrap your parents) so she covered several there. SHe loves these epoxy gel stickers also that are princess. HER favorite is the crown and the mirror (are you not surprised? ha)

This one the challenge was to use flowers on a page and a shape so she put lots of flowers and made her favorite shape and oval, also scrapped her mommy on this page with herself so there is the mommy part of scrap mommy and daddy.

The last one was to scrap your school... well she isn't in school so we chose sunday school. DOnt you love the stamping she did here with the beautiful stampin up noahs ark stamps? her favorite.

SO that is what she has gotten done for natl scrapbook day. I will wait till tomorrow and show mine on my blog. Being I am just now really getting to start scrapping, Had to finish my challenge samples and get them up but WE are having a blast YOu should come say hi and have fun with us too at "TREASURES TO SCRAP"