Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bella explains it all...

Yall do realise... it is hot out here. I am glowing. Because girls glow. Boys sweat.
I am glowing all over the place. Hmm.. wonder if Daddy will take me to McDonalds after the game. oh look a butterfly.... man it sure is hot out here.

Can't we cheer when its cooler out here. Oh ya.. football game. That's right.
Forgot they were back there.

That's Brayden. Thats my boy. hands off!

This is the poor guy that got the ball and everyone chased after him. I dunno why he wants the ball anyway. Everyone just then runs after him. This game makes no sense to me. Man its hot.
Ok we are going to do another cheer.

This cheerleading stuff is pretty fun. I don't understand why they are all running after that ball out there. I mean, When they get it everyone beats that person up. I wouldn't want Brayden to get that ball and get beat up. Cheerleading is so much more fun. Boys make NO SENSE whatsoever!