Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bella - nese?

We are doing the Photo a day challenge at TREASURE TO SCRAP all the month of May. This is in honor of National Photography month. WHO KNEW! SO in honor of Thursday here is my photo. THis is a daily routine thing at the Jones's. Most of you that know us, know that Bella has her own little language she came up with. She can come up with the craziest things to call stuff like the benadryl little travel thing it is a tube and it comes out like liquid to go on bites and stings.. she calls it "butt makeup" Now how it got labeled that I have no clue. Maybe it reminded her of make up and she had a skeeter bite on her butt or something I have no clue but when she says "I need the butt - make up" we know just what she is referring to.
We have a refiderfader at our house too. Which is perfectly ok with me. But, the one that just tickles me to no end is "honey chocate milk"
YEs there is a story to go along with this.
WE make her some chocolate milk (ovaltine) every morning with breakfast. Sometimes if the mood strikes.. we use strawberry nesquick.. we call it... PINK HONEY CHOCATE MILK. IT all started about a year ago. John was making her a cup and said "Honey, do you want some chocolate milk?" and she said "yes" so she stood there watching him make it. she asks him "when ewe put da honey in" John just looks at her like she is on fire cuz he has no clue what she is talking about. Well she gets all bent out of shape cuz he forgot the honey. SO that started the "Honey Chocate Milk" we put 2 scoops of regular ovaltine chocolate and one MAGIC spoon of HONEY CHOCLATE (another scoop of ovaltine) and mix it with her milk. Well that did the trick she hushed. SO That is what it has been called in the Jones home from that day forward.
It also tastes better if it is in the pink dora cup. WHY.. cuz IT JUST DOES is what she told me as if THE THOUGHT of putting it in any OTHER cup would be breaking some scientific law of nature. I Think she even rolled her eyes. YES I am looking SOOOO forward to the teen years.

ON another note.... AFTER you have had your Honey chocolate milk fix. HEAD on OVer to Treasures TO Scrap. We have HUGE festivities going on getting ready for National scrap book day. WE have challenges and prizes and contests. LOTS OF PRIZES TO BE GIVEN AWAY. SO be sure and stop in and say HI. You wont regret it!