Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a Happy FUN and SAFE New year. We had soooo much fun. I told you in the previous post that we were going to Tammy and Jims with Tara and Greg with the kids. Oh it was such fun. We gathered up all these fun dress up things and took silly pictures.
We ate goood fooood. Had lots of conversation. Lots of laughter fun music it was awful foggy so foggy you couldn't really see the fireworks but we knew they were there.
It felt good to be able to go. I don't get to do that often. Since I am not taking the interferon right now (thanks to the insurance company) I thought ok we will venture out... and I felt better. I am so glad we went. It was so fun. Bella had fun too. Got to meet Veronica.She is a lot of fun.
Tammy and Jims house is so beautiful. They are such fun people also. Even though I have decided they can never come to my house unless she is helping me decorate, then well, ok maybe. Because o m gosh WOW. I fell in LOVE with their back porch patio and yard. OH it is so pretty. Like something out of a magazine. Bella had a good time keeping those boys in line.
They were so cute and so funny. Bella was fussing at us for keeping her out so late. It was so past her bedtime. We told her well Its New years and this is a special occasion you know we don't do this often at all dear. She said I KNOW. I am just tired. SO FUNNY felt kinda role reversal there huh child? John woke her up this morning and made her come get in bed with us and watch cartoons. FUNNY HUH? she is usually the one diving in bed with us waking US UP! Funny the things we treasure. Sunday early morning in pjs watching cartoons. Then today we had to WAKE HER UP and MAKE HER come watch cartoons with us. sigh... our baby is growing up! I see it going and waking up our teenager... "COME GET IN BED WITH US AND WATCH CARTOOONS! NOW!" "awww dad seriously??? IM 17!" "I don't care! Its a tradition." "UGHHHHHH" ::deep sigh with eye roll for drama:: "fineeee! Just quit yelling!" ::stomp stomp stomp:: Ya that is our angel. That is sorta how this morning went but she is 8.
We had another reason to celebrate today well besides it being New Years. It was also MY BIRTHDAY! YAY ME! YES I was born on NEW YEARS DAY. oh before you start saying OHHH COOOL. don't its not really. It kinda stunk as a kid. Most of my friends were not home. They were out of town during Christmas Break. It was always cold, Several birthdays I remember having the flu, Cheap people that always say "OH YA, this is your christmas present AND YOUR birthday present" OK well same goes for you I don't care IF your birthday is in June! gonna wrap your present in Christmas paper too :P~~ hehe. Doesn't bother me as much now at 42 as it did when I was 6. yes years of therapy gotten me through, Thank you to the fine staff and support system we contribute cash to. So MY SWEET baby girl. Brings me THIS:
oh my gosh! IS THAT NOT THE CUUUUTEST BROWNIE CUP CAKE EVER???? she and her daddy made those for me. SHE MADE THE LITTLE BANNER ON TOP ALLLL BY HERSELF! my baby! so love that girl. I would like to congratulate (AND THANK) AUBURN FOR WINNING THE CHICK FIL A BOWL! WARRRRRRRRRR EAGLE!!! AWESOME GAME!!! I didn't get to post much on fb or chat yall through it. The battery on my phone was dead. I am sure yall were probably happy about that hahahaha. We played babies today actually we played Miss Melissa beauty shop. WE worked on her babies hair. See they needed some help. Her dolls were a big hot mess. Whoopie would have said whew lawd when she saw jojo. She looked like she had some deeeeep down dreads that needed work. And kitkat needed... Well she just needed somethin. So I was lookin on pinterest and omg you can find anything on there. LITERALLY I think you could find out how to print money. They have literally everything on pinterest. LOVE IT! SO I found the recipe for how to make those American girl dolls and well any baby dolls hair look like new again. (WHO KNEW) instead of sending them back to the doll hospital (pricey and you have to be without your baby for 2 whole weeeks oh the horror) So I figured WHY NOT! I mean what worse could happen. She already looked like she walked straight out of a cave with that hairdo. All she needed was a bone through her nose and she would have looked like captain cavemans wife.
I don't think they have a captain cave man American girl doll. This one was close. So I proceeded. (worse case scenario... have to send it to doll hospital and that was what we were having to do anyway) SOOO I started and what do you know got one section done! BOOO YAH!
pretty soon I had it all brushing through easily. Bella was amazed and thought I was just super mom with magic skillz (and she should! Cuz I am)
So ya we spent a relaxing day at home today. We were all worn out from last night but IT was so much fun and I thank Tammy and Jim for having us over. It was fun to get to go somewhere I don't get out often. I would like to get out more some when I feel like it. Is good for the soul. So did you all eat your black eye peas today? Do you eat any special foods or have any special traditions for New years day? WE ate black eye peas and pork tenderloin for supper tonight with rice. Hope it brings us some good luck this year (since last year pretty much el suck o'd) I pray you have a wonderful 2012 that your family have health happiness, love,lots of laughter, Joy, peace and gratitude also , the ability to recognize each. Happy 2012 Lets make this a WONDERFUL YEAR!!!!!