Sunday, July 27, 2008

step up

Well we made it through the step up to the next dose ok. It wasn't as bad as we figured which is a good thing. Im just surprised at the overwhelming tired. all i wanna do is sleep. the nurse from which are the makers and supporters of this poison I mean med I have to inject 3 x weekly into various places of my anatomy, called and gave me some helpful information. I had been using ice before the shot (what they told me to do...) but obviously that wasn't workin for me because i get these baseball size knots and bruised places that look like I got beat. SO she told me try heat after and do deep massage for 2 to 3 minutes to disperse the med. OK.
so it doesn't look but like a golf ball size welp now but hey. I will take that over the other one.
AL so she told me to take the anti nausea med and the aleeve before I take the shot so it is in my system ok. tried that and I didn't throw up near as much. It was beginning to look like the set from exorcist for a while here.
Im just glad that is over. We have 5 more at the 22 mcg then move up to 44 mcg. and then we are on that one for the long haul. so just getting through this rough part is the key.

I have alot to get me through and lots to keep fighting for. we had Hannah Montana night here Saturday night as she had her 3d show on Disney. I watched that for about 10 min before nausea set in but Bella loved it. I did take some photos. She was in full outfit wig to guitar to enjoy the show.

She had Vacation bible school before that. her program was on the 20th
the photos didnt turn out so good I was exhausted by the time we got there.
This is her friend Mandalyn they looked so cute.

here she is on stage doing her thang. They had a hawaii theme this year which was just her thing since Nana had just gotten back from Hawaii. she had on her MOOMOO and her flowers in her hair like a true little native girl.

Just some various shots from the Program. Here are some from The Pie in the face. Her teacher Mrs Gloria got the pie in the face. THe kids had to bring money (change) to church and put it in the jar of either Mrs Gloria or the Pastor (His name escapes me right now) well the boys went out collecting I think for him they got all their piggy banks together cuz Mrs Gloria lost and was to get the pie in the face.

Mrs Gloria prepared she had a shower cap on and glasses and a tarp wrapped around her all ready for the pie to hit. THe preacher hit himself with it instead then hit her hahahahahaha so THEY BOTH got the pie in the face. THE KIDS LOVED ITTT! I think the adults did too. It was great fun. SHe was a good sport about it too.
sorry my photos didn't turn out so good. but you get the general idea. THEY HAD FUN AT BIBLE SCHOOL.

I think that is about everything going on right now. Bella is getting ready to go back to school. John is working and Im in bed mostly.
I did have some publications come out with scrapbooking. ONE THAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING A WHILE ON. I will take photos when IM up to it and show you soon.
hope everyone is doing well.