Sunday, January 13, 2008

a somber sunday

Its a somber day here in Mobile today. The news, the papers, every tv channel is focused on the retrival of the 4 babies that were drowned off of the dauphin island bridge. When that is horrible enough the fact the 4 babies father is the one that did it makes it even more nauseating to think of. It's hard not to think of because it is so close to us here and the children are younger than many of our own,
Our hearts go out to the mother and the family. I know this is a difficult time for all.

Got alot to do today and tryin to stay busy. John took Bella to the store with him to keep her away from the television. It is on every channel and she is asking enough questions. We are handling it with care and prayer.

I still have catching up to do and projects due for Diner.
I also have a crop this weekend at I-scrap. I did a tutorial and a template challenge. IT was alot of fun. I enjoyed seeing what everyone did with it.
Today is the last day and Im doing a word scramble challenge in a little bit.
I still need to clean my scrap room and get my All about Me challenge done for scrap-diner and my samples for next weeks CHALLENGE BLAST.
I have one more tutorial to write and Then I can breathe. I hate to procrastinate it to the last second so trying to get it all done this weekend.

I really need to get out and do some shopping but I KNOW I KNOW the dr said to stay in. BUT man I need to wash the grey out of my hair and get new make up since Bella had a great time with mine: YES that was a while back but I still have to replace all of it that she MADE HERSELF PRETTY with.
YOu cannot take your eye off her for a SECOND!

I hope you have a good day. Please hold your children a little tighter today and say a prayer for the family that is going through so much.