Monday, August 11, 2008

First day of school... rain? aaaaaah

TODAY was the first day of school... Last year. I was paparazzi mom and followed her around with the camera. THIS YEAR... I didn't get to. It was raining too. Not to easy to get in and out with the rain so I said We would just have to pretend another day and get some pics. sad I know
SO INSTEAD... it did let up a little (the rain) and I got some of her when she got home. ok I got 2. not great shots but.. its something.
It started sprinkling and she took off into the house... sugar melts ya know. ::insert eyeroll:: I think it was because I worked so hard on that hair band yesterday and she was scared it would fall apart if truth be known haha.

I took a photo of what she did at school today. SHe was so proud she colored all in the lines (we worked hard on this all summer) IF BLOGGER WILL LET ME SHOW YOU THE PHOTOS!!!

Thank you for all your emails and well wishes. We made it through the first step up shot ok. Headache and dreadfull tired but that was it!! YAY!! so now we just got them every Monday Wednesday and Friday for the ressssst of my lifffffe. BUT... IF IT WORKS... Just glad I am getting used to it and not hangin out in the little girls room all day now. Although last night we fought kidney stones but that is an entire different post. Im just so tired I cant even fuss anymore it is to the point of ridiculous. I did work on a layout for a challenge over at my Friend Colettes PEN PALS blog. I will try to get that up tomorrow if the sun would peek out just a tad I mean just enough to let me take a photo that looks decent. I can post it.
Ok mini me is into something I hear her saying OH COOL WHATS DIS. that is never good while she is in my scrap room. Hope yall stay dry.