Wednesday, September 15, 2010

and then .....

Bella has the MOST EXPRESSIVE face. I just love watching her talk. I ask her so many questions about ANYTHING. Her day, the cats, GUIDO. ONCE UPON A TIME... anything. she cracks me up, this kid. I enjoy every second of her.
She is just JOY overwhelming. ALL the JOY IN MY HEART that I could muster and it just EXPLODED. Booom! out came Bella.

least thats what I tell her, she just looks at me like I have two heads that are on fire. "NUGH UGHHHHH! THATSSS NOT WHAT MY TEACHER SAIDDDDDD! BUT YOUR REALLY CLOSE MOM!"
sigh.. whatever.

SO I got my kit from Paper Posies. soo cute! I focused on these expressions Bella makes when she talks.
check it out:

This is from this months sketch challenge. Hope you have a great day. SURVIVOR STARTS TONIGHT! YAY!!

ohhh doorbell! That was my kit from Scarlet Lime so I KNOW tonight, I will be watching Survivor and scrappin, with this!!! WOW! holy wow!
(It is sooo O.M.G. FINEEE! so many yummy embellies in that thing let me tell you!)
We (aka John) are almost finished with the floor. It is lookin' good. He went back over the top last night now it has that leathery look to it. soo cool. put the sealer on it. Just has to do one more section. (and let it sit) Now I need to find the perfect rug.... This will be fun.