Wednesday, April 09, 2008


First off I want to thank all of you that have been thinking of us and praying for us. I really do appreciate it. we still don't know a whole lot. It is still a toss up between lupus cns (central nervous system?) and MS. BUT, HE is sending me to Birmingham to a dr at UAB who is the best in the southeast for MS Patients. He is who they send difficult cases to he said. He said he hated to put me on the medication that is 15,000 yes that is THOUSAND a year without them ruling out the lupus causing this. BUT, I tested positive for all the tests they give for MS. I have a Rheumatologist (lupus dr) appt on May 6th for them to look at my tests, and they are tryin to get me into UAB in Birmingham to the MS dude asap.

THe way he explained it to us... my central nervous system, the mylar (?) (I think that is what he called it?) that insulates your nerves... is deteriorating. There is nothing they can do to FIX IT.. but they can slow down the degeneration of it. BUT depending on if the lupus is causing it... that would be a different medication than if it was MS. SO now you know .. what we know. PRetty much not much lol so we are now praying for getting into UAB pretty soon!
I DO KNOW I am exhausted. Physically and mentally so Im gonna go catch a nap.
love and hugs

Today is the day...

My appt is at 10 am. so Hoping we get good news. I will let yall know what they said when I get home... fingers crossed and praying hard.
in the mean time I tried to scrap some to keep whats left of my brain busy haha.

This is from the Easter Egg Hunt at St Elmo church. BElla had such a great time. IM SOOOOO HAPPY Mrs Gloria invited us. I hated that I was too sick to go. Happy JOhn took lots of Pictures. VERY HAPPY Bella got to go and enjoy herself.

THis is the Basic grey Sultry line. I added an older sheet of Lollipop shoppe that kinda matched it so SEEE IM USING UP MY STASH. making rooom for all the news stuff aren't those little crocheted flowers the cutest? YOu wait when she outgrows those pants... Im sooooo gonna take at least one if not all those off there... I know my mom would flip if she knew I did that but look how stinkin' cute they are and I can put them in her scrapbook and say HEREEE are the flowers that were on those cuteeeee pants grammaw bought you!!! ITS gonna happen you just watch.
These products you can find at the TREASURES TO SCRAP STORE. ANd get this.... THese new basic grey papers... YOU CAN GET THEM 35% cheaper there than ANY PLACE ELSE! so SAVE YOUR MONEY and spend it on scrap stuff that is my motto. Everyone likes a deal so hey... here is a great place to start!!

I will post an edit when I get home to let you know all my test results and what the dr says. Hope you all have a great day.