Monday, July 17, 2006

WHEWWW that was close!

OK so I go to the dr they put me in the same room that I was well to say the least violated in.... Read a previous post and you'll catch up if you are clueless right now. Anyway Im like oh no this aint good. BUT actually... it wasnt bad. I had to p in a cup they said you passed a kidney stone we caught it in the cup the other day it is a calcium oxide stone (he gave me a brief lecture on how they are formed) it seems MY FAVORITE BEVERAGE OF CHOICE Sweet tea is the culprit. nooooooo why why why calcium THERE is no calcium in sweet tea calcium is in cereal and ice cream and stuff but sweet tea NOOoooooo. SO anway chcik didnt come at me with the pick so I figured it was a good day! just cant drink much sweet tea no more that is ok I have lived the last couple weeks without it I will just have to learn to drink water and I guess because it is tap water the chlorine and chemicals in it will cause some kind of cancer and I will die anyway but at least maybe it wont be from a kidney stone. I have an altered project of decopauge due the end of the month maybe I could do some rocks and call it my "rock group" get it?? nah wasnt that funny demrol made things much funnier I am finding. That is ok IM SO HAPPY to report I dont need it today! NOW I think I will lay down and rest and finish eating MY healthy grilled chicken salad (cuz my butt is getting way toooooo fat on pred and laying around all the time) and exercise my right to change channels on the tv. MUUUAAAHH!


Well It is Monday..... I go back to the dr day. If yall see me on Cnn for left hookin' a nurse yall will know she came at me again with that metal hook... Lets pray for her sake and MINE not. I feel SOOOOOOO much better but just the thought of that would make someone come out of a coma of 30 years. SO keep good thoughts and all and I will give yall a hopefully GREAT report and no left hooks or metal hooks when I get home. AND IF IM A GOOD GIRL I may just get to stop by the store and get milk and toilet paper (grrrr I hate grocery shopping)