Monday, May 17, 2010

How you doin?

Long time no post. I have some updated photos to post though.

Bella had the flu then my mom got it, she was real bad they didn't know what it was because her symptoms presented so strange. she had joint pain and arthritis flare up and didn't have the same stuff like Bella did. so they were testing her for everything under the sun. come to find out it was the same virus, Then I got it. I got it like Bella had it though. THEN.... out come shingles. boy did they come out. Because of that virus this was a bad bad case of them too. I suppose because of the fever and all it made this one rough. So have not felt like doing anything for a while now.

I am looking so forward to this crop for a cure here in Mobile in June so I'm really focusing on trying to get better, and stay well. My bud Melissa is walking in the Walk in October. I have been helping her get donations for the silent auction and door prizes etc. HERE IS MORE INFO ON THE CROP IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE OR LIKE TO COME TO IT :) I am starting to feel a little better so am gonna try to make something myself for it as well.
Also need to work on a kit for Scrapbook Obsessions. I wanted to do a kit for the flood victims in Tennessee. They are having a rough time up there. Maybe by this weekend I will be up for that. I love doing mini albums so maybe I can do a couple then.

I got happy mail this weekend. My sweet hubby and daughter got me scrappy stuff for Mothers day. I have been drooling over the new October Afternoon Thrift Shop and Fly a kite. So they hooked me up also the Basic grey max and whiskas (I think that was more Bella because she wants to scrap the kittens lol) and the TimHoltz dirty paper as John calls it lol
and the Jenni Bowlin butterflies WHO DOESN'T LOVE THOSE yummm! and of course the glimmer mists!!! We found a site that has some awesome deals. Ran out of money before I could get some shimmerz andClaudine Helmouth paint! That is on the list for next time!

Lets see what else is goin on... The oil on our coast... ughhhh DOnt get me started on the oil....
Everyone is asking about it. It reminds me of that movie the fog... you know its out there.... its slowly creeeping up. I feel so bad for all those animals and the seafood industry even though I cant eat it.

Here are some photosssss I know my mil is itching to seeee

This is an older picture from 2 weeks ago. they are bigger now. they grow so fast. That is sybil and BeaBe. Bea Be is the black and tan one.
sybils head and beabe's tail under dog house...

Beabe and sybil kitty.

I need to take some more updated photos.

My sil came down during spring break and surprised bella by taking her for her first manicure.

Bella and Aunt Liz getting their Nails done. Bella said she can get used to this. She really liked it. She said next she wants her toes done too. she loved it! she had a great time on our girls day. She is a total girly girl and is all about some fingernails being polished. Aunt liz You have Created a MONSTER!!!! Thanks for that lol.

We had Bellas birthday party at the bowling alley. She lovesssssssss to bowl. Soooo we had her her first REAL birthday party (I guess that one last year and the one before that didnt count??? she said since they weren't at a "place"?? they were at the park they didn't count lol oooh you mean since they didn't cost a mere fortune, I seeee its like the kiddie birthday party mafia they have this market covered i tell ya!)

SO here is her cake...

Bella and eva caroline BFF always!
whole crew eatin pizza

Bella bowlin

They are just too cute!

Ok sorry I know that was a lot of photos but I had to catch yall up!!

I will try to update more regularly I know I am on facebook and twitter more than I am on here.
I will try and do better.