Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our Last Game and a Pizza Party

It has been a GREAT year so far for Bella at her new school. She has enjoyed being a cheer leader. Last night was her last game. They had a lot of fun as we enjoyed watching them. They are just the cutest things.

Our girls have come a LONG way for a lot of them to never have cheered before.
SO PROUD of them.

I know Bella had a blast. She made some really good friends and it really helped her adjust to this new school a lot quicker.
She was really having a hard time.
She missed her school she was at before and her BFF's (still does)

Although she has made some really good friendships here and is doing really well.
I hope she will go out again next year. It has been fun.

After the game, There was a fun Pizza party at Godfathers pizza. eye yi yi!
can you imagine 22 hyped up little girls in a pizza parlor that was NOT very big along with their families. approx. 50 ish people.
(I had migraine all day was an interesting evening believe me)
Pizza was great, the kids were fabulous and I DO BELIEVE everyone had fun. You can tell by the Rave reviews the Blue and Yellow cupcakes received!

We are so grateful to our cheer coaches for their patience their time and dedication to our daughters. We thank them for taking the time with them and also the values and beliefs they help instill in our girls. We are so ever thankful.