Friday, October 16, 2009

a few more cards for the fall festival....

Here are a few more photos of cards I made for the fall festival.

We had a cold front come through today that has left me with scratchy yuck throat and weird ears. I hope it is just sinusy stuff. But I think Im gonna turn in early.
John made us some yummy warm chilly tonight was really good. Supposed to get cold down in the 40's (THAT IS COLD FOR US DOWN HERE IN MOBILE) I know alot of you all are having snow up north. We just get sand down here haha.

Tomorrow is the Fall Festival. With all this flu going around and my immune system. I won't be going. Nor to the BIG Field trip on Monday. Bella is NOT Happy. We have been having major problems and melt downs for a while now...but this week oh boy....
She had a complete melt down on Thursday. She watched a video from when she was a baby (I didn't realize she was watching it) she came running into where I was making cards at just crying her eyes out. I went down on my knees grabbing her pushing her hair back from her face looking to see what was wrong was she hurt? Injured? who did it!!! WHERE are they?!! Because those were very big tears for such a little girl. I knew something dreadful had to be going on with my sweet girl for such emotions to be flowing! "MOMMY! WHY CAN'T IT BE LIKE IT WAS AGAIN? BACK WHEN YOU WERE NOT SICK?" OH MY WORD!!a blade went through my very core and ripped my soul out. I wanted that too so very bad. Something I prayed for daily for since all this started. "OH Baby come here"
I just grabbed her and the tears just came out of me like crazy. I just held her and sobbed. THe one thing I wished I could give that child more than anything in this world. BUT the one thing I cant give her.... A cure for Multiple Sclerosis. It is so hard on our babies. The things that disease takes away. They don't understand and it is so difficult for them to understand that going out into the public can cause great harm and our regime we have to follow is very important. Can make me very sick. She is very protective.

we have had these shingles and staph infections so many times. But to look into that sweet face and hear those words and see those tears. is more than a mother can bear sometimes. So If you would tomorrow and this weekend and Monday. Say a little prayer for my baby girl. and when my kids mom isn't there . DON'T JUDGE and don't hate.. I know this mother would give everything in this world to be at every single function on the front row center watching her baby girl have the time of her life.
It IS the little things in life that are so precious that so many take for granted!

go hug your babies...