Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I love this picture of Bella. SHe looks a little nervous but you can see she is trying to understand the whole dynamics of this horse ride. It made me think of the topic I used for this page. TRUST. We are born with it.. but when do we learn NOT to trust? I know.. what a deep subject. YET one that has been on my mind. I want Bella to know TRUST. I want her to face life head on kickin' and screamin'
I want her to TRUST that life is kinda rough but TRUST that it will be ok. No matter what.
I used the scrapworks line called Formal affair. On this. Along with that snazzy little making memories journaling book. I tell ya I have enjoyed that little book so much. It really helps when your like me and can't write worth a flip, It has the little lines to kinda go by.
I used the Tim Holtz Grunge board on it since it had that westerny horsey kinda feel to it. Dont you just love that stuff!!!
I put 4 arrow photo turns in case I dont notice the 4 I put on the side and put it in the wrong album. I always put something on the page to let me know how old she is in the photo. Not sure if yall have ever noticed that or not.

The journaling reads as follows:
Sometimes, no matter how hard life seems, Even when it may be unfair. You have to dig in your heels, hang on to the saddle and just go with the ride. When it is over you may look back and see just how strong you truly are.
love, Mommy

I hope Some day Bella will read this and really take note of it. That yeah life sucks but just dig in hold on and keep goin'

Hope you all have a wonderful day :)